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The Hundred Years War rages on, with tensions between kingdoms growing ever more strained. While Annise Gäric and her forces march on Castle Hill to retake the northern throne, her cousin, Rhea Loren, wages a naval war against Blackstone. Meanwhile, Roan Loren and Gwendolyn Storm struggle to breach the gnarled, vine-choked undergrowth of the Tangle in their quest to reach Knight's End and learn more of the true purpose of the fatemarked. In the south, a Calypsian empress is murdered, and her daughters fight to claim the empire and wage a civil war against their estranged father's armies. In Phanes, slavery runs rampant while a rebel group fights to free the oppressed people. A master named Jai Jiroux looks to help the rebel cause, an act of treason punishable by death. Surrounding the Four Kingdoms is the pall cast by the Kings' Bane, who continues his quest to kill eight rulers and thus fulfill the Western Oracle's ancient prophecy, which he believes will pave to way to peace across the realms.

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What Lawyers Don't Know


As a lawyer, you deserve to be happy and successful. This book will show you how. Discover the easy, simple ways to create a thriving practice and the necessary positive mental attitude to make it happen.  You should be the boss in law and in your life. This book covers both. You will learn how to sharpen your business skills and enlighten your path to happiness. The two authors combine their expertise to unlock the secrets of running an efficient law firm and establishing the right mindset for success. Jeff Kimmel, the managing partner of a prominent New York law firm, guides you through the steps needed to best structure your firm, manage your money, and operate your business. Connie Henriquez, on-air personality, life coach of hardcore optimism, and founder of the lifestyle brand Start Loving Life®, offers a fresh perspective on overcoming the stress and anxiety that lawyers face daily.  With the right business tools and the power of a positive mindset, you can accomplish anything. With this book, you get both!

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Length: 6 hrs and 15 mins
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