Cover art for The Widow and the One-Armed Miner

The Widow and the One-Armed Miner


When Garth lost his arm, he didn’t expect to lose his love. Will he find a new start with a mail order bride? Miner Garth Warrington was all set to marry his sweetheart, Caroline, when a devastating accident leaves him with just one arm. Soon after, the pretty, and spoiled Caroline abandons him as well. Desperate and dejected Garth places an advert looking for a bride. Recent widow Amy Moorland is desperate. At a young age, she was forced to marry a cruel and abusive man but now her husband is dead. Amy cannot support herself and knows her only hope is to become a mail order bride. When Amy and Garth meet they both realize that it was Amy’s husband who caused Garth’s accident. Angry, Garth blames the young widow and drives her away. When cooler heads prevail, Garth realizes that Amy was a victim of her husband too. Though he cannot marry her, he offers her a job. A relationship borne out of necessity leads to feelings neither thought was possible. Could love overcome such deep resentments or will Garth succumb to the wiles of his devious ex? Can two lonely souls overcome the harsh obstacles life has thrown their way to find a happily ever after? Find out in best-selling author Indiana Wake’s all new full-length novel The Widow and the One-Armed Miner. Also, in the Love Against the Odds series: The Marked Orphan Bride and a Baby for the Brave Sheriff The Indian and the One-Legged Hero

©2020 Indiana Wake (P)2021 Indiana Wake

Narrator: Eileen Smith
Author: Indiana Wake
Category: Romance, Westerns
Length: 5 hrs and 49 mins
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The Marked Orphan Bride and a Baby for the Brave Sheriff


Carla must find her courage to save a baby, but will she ever be safe?  Carla has known nothing but the orphanage for all her life. Derided because of the birthmark that covers half of her face, her only friend is Sally. When Sally dies in childbirth, she begs Carla to save her baby’s life. With Baby Marsha wrapped in her arms, Carla runs for their lives, making the long walk to the next town, Carrick Plains. There she finds comfort and help in a way she never expected. Soon she begins to relax, but Sheriff Bud Jeffries is curious about this newcomer.  Carla is scared; she knows that her marked face makes her stand out. The father of baby Marsha has a lot to lose, and he is still searching for the child who could destroy him.  Bud cannot get Carla out of his mind; as he gets to know her, love begins to form, but in trying to help her, he makes a deadly mistake.  Danger has found Carla, and she knows that once again, she must run to save the baby.  Will Bud accept his love and save her from the terror stalking her and the baby before it’s too late? Can Bud and Carla find love against the odds? Find out in The Marked Orphan Bride and a Baby for the Brave Sheriff. A best-selling historical Western novel guaranteed to make you fall in love.

©2020 Indiana Wake (P)2020 Indiana Wake

Length: 5 hrs and 57 mins
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Mail Order Brides: The Rival Bride


Kristine is the eldest of three sisters, and she would do anything to keep them safe, but could she do this? Their mother died many years ago which turned their father to drink and gambling. Now their fortune is gone and soon her sisters must leave their finishing school. What will happen to them? Where will they live? What will they eat? Will they be thrown onto the streets? When her father tells her what he has done, she feels her heart break. It is preposterous to think that he would sell her to a man just to pay off his gambling debts. But what choice does she have? Keeping her pride she makes a deal with him and sets off to the Wild West to become nothing more than a maid and a wife in name only. Robert Miller lost his wife and his one true love. Bringing up a daughter in the west is not a job for a rancher. But he gets more than he bargained for when Kristine arrives.

©2015 Indiana Wake (P)2015 Indiana Wake

Length: 1 hr and 1 min
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