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Teaching from Rest

40 ratings


Those who have made the decision to homeschool their children have done so out of great love for them and a desire to provide them an excellent education in the context of a warm, enriching home. Yet so many parents (mainly mothers) who have taken up this challenge find the enterprise often full of stress, worry, and anxiety. In this practical, faith-based, and inspirational book, Sarah Mackenzie addresses these questions directly, appealing to her own study of restful learning and her struggle to bring restful learning to her (six) children.

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The Read-Aloud Family

11 ratings


You will never regret reading aloud to your kids. The stories we read - and the conversations we have about them - help shape family traditions, create lifelong memories, and become part of our legacy.  Reading aloud not only has the power to change a family - it has the power to change the world. But we all know that connecting deeply with our families can be difficult in our busy, technology-driven society. Reading aloud is one of the best ways to be fully present with our children, even after they can read themselves, but it isn't always easy to do. In The Read-Aloud Family, you will find the inspiration you need to start a read-aloud movement in your own home.  Discover how to: Prepare your kids for academic success through reading to them Develop empathy and compassion in your kids through books Find time to read aloud in the midst of school, sports, and dinner dishes Choose books across a variety of sibling interests and ages Make reading aloud the best part of your family's day The Read-Aloud Family also offers age-appropriate book lists from infancy through adolescence. From a toddler's wonder to a teenager's resistance, you will discover practical strategies to make reading aloud a meaningful family ritual. 

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Narrator: Sarah Mackenzie
Length: 7 hrs
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Friends Like Us


Fans of Netflix's Virgin River, Jill Shalvis, and Susan Mallery will fall in love with this heartwarming, relatable, and charming beach listen, where two best friends discover second chances only happen once in a lifetime. After a cancer scare turns out to be a false alarm, Bree Robinson decides it's time to swim outside her comfort zone. Together with her best friend, Jill, she forms an anti-bucket list - starting with a steamy fling. Only it turns out that her one-night stand is also the handsome architect renovating her house - and the chemistry between them is off the walls.  Ever since a motorcycle accident took her husband's life, Jill Kelly has been living on autopilot. Even when she learns the fairy-tale Maine cottage they once dreamed of owning is up for sale, she isn't sure she's ready to let go - or open her heart to the idea of starting over.  Bree may be diving headfirst into her new lease on life, but Jill is doing all she can just to stay afloat. And when Bree discovers Jill has been hiding a devastating secret all these years, the waters muddy even more. Can Bree and Jill find strength in themselves and each other to embrace the second chances they've been given?

©2021 Sarah Mackenzie (P)2021 Hachette Audio

Length: 7 hrs and 29 mins
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Forever Friends


Perfect for fans of Susan Mallery and Jill Shalvis, two mothers - one pregnant, one sending her child to college - form an unlikely friendship, finding love, hope, and a new start at life in this charming, laugh-out-loud listen. Single mom Renee Rhodes seems like a woman who has it all together - perfect house, perfect kid, perfect yard. But now that her daughter is away at college, she doesn't know what to do next. Without weekly PTA meetings and after-school chauffeur duty, Renee isn't sure who she is anymore. What she is sure of is that she probably shouldn't be crushing on her new boss, who couldn't possibly be interested in a middle-aged mom.... Sadie Landry is drowning in the stay-at-home mom life. With a toddler running wild, a husband who is growing more distant by the day, and a mother-in-law who has a comment on every-little-thing, Sadie is one mommy-and-me class away from losing it. When she learns that she is pregnant again, Sadie knows that something has to change for the sake of her family - and her sanity. After a birthday party bake-a-thon nearly turns into a three-alarm fire, Renee comes to her neighbor Sadie's rescue with comfort, competence, and a killer pie recipe. With their unlikely friendship and a newly hatched plan to open a bakery, can Sadie and Renee finally have the lives they've always dreamed of?

©2019 Sarah Mackenzie (P)2019 Forever

Length: 9 hrs and 38 mins
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