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Big Little Lies

429 ratings


DON’T MISS SEASON 2 OF THE GOLDEN GLOBE AND EMMY AWARD-WINNING HBO® SERIES STARRING REESE WITHERSPOON, NICOLE KIDMAN, SHAILENE WOODLEY, LAURA DERN, ZOË KRAVITZ, AND MERYL STREEP From the author of Nine Perfect Strangers, Truly Madly Guilty, and The Husband’s Secret comes the number-one New York Times best-selling novel about the dangerous little lies we tell ourselves just to survive. A murder.... A tragic accident.... Or just parents behaving badly? What’s indisputable is that someone is dead. Madeline is a force to be reckoned with. She’s funny, biting, and passionate; she remembers everything and forgives no one. Celeste is the kind of beautiful woman who makes the world stop and stare, but she is paying a price for the illusion of perfection. New to town, single mom Jane is so young that another mother mistakes her for a nanny. She comes with a mysterious past and a sadness beyond her years. These three women are at different crossroads, but they will all wind up in the same shocking place. Big Little Lies is a brilliant take on ex-husbands and second wives, mothers and daughters, schoolyard scandal, and the little lies that can turn lethal. 

©2014 Liane Moriarty (P)2014 Penguin Audio

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James Moriarty, Consulting Criminal

192 ratings


His razor-sharp intellect, uncanny powers of deduction, and knowledge of the criminal underground are legendary throughout London. He solves cases with the able assistance of his close friend and confidant. And, one day, he will become the arch enemy of Sherlock Holmes. Meet Professor James Moriarty - consulting criminal. In these three original tales - collected for the first time - Andy Weir brings to life a Moriarty worthy of the Great Detective himself.

©2017 Andy Weir (P)2017 Audible, Inc.

Length: 1 hr and 10 mins
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Anatomy of a Scandal

19 ratings


An astonishingly incisive and suspenseful novel about a scandal among Britain's privileged elite and the women caught up in its wake. Sophie's husband, James, is a loving father, a handsome man, a charismatic and successful public figure. And yet he stands accused of a terrible crime. Sophie is convinced he is innocent and desperate to protect her precious family from the lies that threaten to rip them apart. Kate is the lawyer hired to prosecute the case: an experienced professional who knows that the law is all about winning the argument. And yet Kate seeks the truth at all times. She is certain James is guilty and is determined he will pay for his crimes. Who is right about James? Sophie or Kate? And is either of them informed by anything more than instinct and personal experience? Despite her privileged upbringing, Sophie is well aware that her beautiful life is not inviolable. She has known it since she and James were first lovers at Oxford, and she witnessed how easily pleasure could tip into tragedy. Most people would prefer not to try to understand what passes between a man and a woman when they are alone: alone in bed, alone in an embrace, alone in an elevator...or alone in the moonlit courtyard of an Oxford college, where a girl once stood before a boy, heart pounding with excitement, then fear. Sophie never understood why her tutorial partner, Holly, left Oxford so abruptly. What would she think if she knew the truth?

©2017 Sarah Vaughan (P)2017 Simon & Schuster, Inc.

Length: 10 hrs and 56 mins
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Little Disasters

13 ratings


“Taut, clever, compelling, and guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat." (Paula Hawkins, number one New York Times best-selling author of The Girl on the Train and Into the Water) From the best-selling author of Anatomy of a Scandal - soon to be a Netflix series - a new thought-provoking novel exploring the complexity of motherhood and all that connects and disconnects us. You think you know her...but look a little closer. She is a stay-at-home mother-of-three with boundless reserves of patience, energy, and love. After being friends for a decade, this is how Liz sees Jess. Then one moment changes everything. Dark thoughts and carefully guarded secrets surface - and Liz is left questioning everything she thought she knew about her friend and about herself. The truth can’t come soon enough.  With Sarah Vaughan’s signature “clever and compelling” (Claire Douglas, author of Last Seen Alive) prose, Little Disasters is a tightly wound and evocative story that will haunt you long after you finish listening.

©2020 Sarah Vaughan Limited. All lines from “Morning Song” from The Collected Poems of Sylvia Plath, edited by Ted Hughes. ©1960, 1965, 1971, 1981 by the Estate of Sylvia Plath. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers. All rights reserved. (P)2020 Simon & Schuster, Inc. All rights reserved.

Length: 10 hrs and 52 mins
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Sarah Vaughan

1 rating


Exclusive interview with Sarah Vaughan on the release of her second novel.

©2016 Sarah Vaughan (P)2016 Audible Studios

Length: 13 mins
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Anatomie d'un scandale

1 rating


Derrière chaque grand homme, il y a des femmes qui ont gardé le silence... jusque-là. Kate vient de se voir confier l'affaire de sa vie, celle qui accuse l'un des hommes les plus proches du pouvoir d'un terrible crime. Kate doit faire condamner James Whitehouse. Sophie adore son mari, James. Elle est prête à tout pour l'aider et préserver sa famille. Sophie doit trouver la force de continuer comme avant. Comme avant, vraiment ? Quels sombres secrets dissimule le scandale, et à quel jeu se livrent réellement ces deux femmes et cet homme ? Best-seller international, Anatomie d'un scandale est un thriller psychologique et domestique sulfureux qui mêle radiographie d'un mariage et décryptage des arcanes du monde politique. Un roman ténébreux et puissant.

©2018 Simon & Schuster UK Ltd / Sarah Vaughan / Librairie Générale Française, pour la traduction française (P)2018 Audiolib

Length: 11 hrs and 40 mins
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The Farm at the Edge of the World


The farm sits with its back towards the Atlantic - a long stretch of granite hunkering down. For over 300 years it has stood here, steeped in the history and secrets of one family. A farm at the very edge of the world. It's 1939, and Will and Alice are evacuated to a granite farm in North Cornwall, perched on a windswept cliff. There they meet the farmer's daughter, Maggie, and, against fields of shimmering barley and a sky that stretches forever, enjoy a childhood largely protected from the ravages of war. But in the sweltering summer of 1943, something happens that will have tragic consequences. A small lie escalates. Over 70 years on, Alice is determined to atone for her behaviour - but has she left it too late? It's 2014, and Maggie's granddaughter, Lucy, flees to the childhood home she couldn't wait to leave 13 years earlier - marriage over, career apparently ended thanks to one terrible mistake. Can she rebuild herself and the family farm? And can she help her grandmother, plagued by a secret, to find some lasting peace? This is a novel about identity and belonging; guilt, regret and atonement; the unrealistic expectations placed on children; and the pain of coming of age. It's about small lies and dark secrets. But above all it's about a beautiful, desolate, complex place.

©2016 Sarah Vaughan Limited (P)2016 Hodder & Stoughton

Narrator: Clare Corbett
Length: 10 hrs and 46 mins
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The Art of Baking Blind


There are many reasons to bake: To feed; to create; to impress; to nourish; to define ourselves; and, sometimes, it has to be said, to perfect. But often we bake to fill a hunger that would be better filled by a simple gesture from a dear one. We bake to love and be loved. In 1966, Kathleen Eaden, cookery writer and wife of a supermarket magnate, published The Art of Baking, her guide to nurturing a family by creating the most exquisite pastries, biscuits and cakes. Now, five amateur bakers are competing to become the New Mrs Eaden. There's Jenny, facing an empty nest now her family has flown; Claire, who has sacrificed her dreams for her daughter; Mike, trying to parent his two kids after his wife's death; Vicki, who has dropped everything to be at home with her baby boy; and Karen, perfect Karen, who knows what it's like to have nothing and is determined her façade shouldn't slip. As unlikely alliances are forged and secrets rise to the surface, making the choicest choux bun seems the least of the contestants' problems. For they will learn - as Mrs Eaden did before them - that while perfection is possible in the kitchen, it's very much harder in life.

©2014 Sarah Vaughan Limited (P)2014 Hodder & Stoughton

Narrator: Julia Barrie
Length: 12 hrs and 16 mins
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