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Carrie Fisher

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"Narrator Saskia Maarleveld's enthusiasm makes Weller's exhaustive research as engaging as fiction." (AudioFile magazine) A remarkably candid biography of the remarkably candid - and brilliant - Carrie Fisher In her 2008 best seller, Girls Like Us, Sheila Weller - with heart and a profound feeling for the times - gave us a surprisingly intimate portrait of three icons: Carole King, Joni Mitchell, and Carly Simon. Now, she turns her focus to one of the most loved, brilliant, and iconoclastic women of our time: the actress, writer, daughter, and mother Carrie Fisher. Weller traces Fisher’s life from her Hollywood royalty roots to her untimely and shattering death after Christmas 2016. Her mother was the spunky and adorable Debbie Reynolds; her father, the heartthrob crooner Eddie Fisher. When Eddie ran off with Elizabeth Taylor, the scandal thrust little Carrie Frances into a bizarre spotlight, gifting her with an irony and an aplomb that would resonate throughout her life. We follow Fisher’s acting career, from her debut in Shampoo, the hit movie that defined mid-1970s Hollywood, to her seizing of the plum female role in Star Wars, which catapulted her to instant fame. We explore her long, complex relationship with Paul Simon and her relatively peaceful years with the talent agent Bryan Lourd. We witness her startling leap - on the heels of a near-fatal overdose - from actress to highly praised, best-selling author, the Dorothy Parker of her place and time. Weller sympathetically reveals the conditions that Fisher lived with: serious bipolar disorder and an inherited drug addiction. Still, despite crises and overdoses, her life’s work - as an actor, a novelist and memoirist, a script doctor, a hostess, and a friend - was prodigious and unique. As one of her best friends said, "I almost wish the expression 'one of a kind' didn’t exist, because it applies to Carrie in a deeper way than it applies to others." Sourced by friends, colleagues, and witnesses to all stages of Fisher’s life, Carrie Fisher: A Life on the Edge is an empathic and even-handed portrayal of a woman who - as Princess Leia, but mostly as herself - was a feminist heroine, one who died at a time when we need her blazing, healing honesty more than ever.

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Length: 13 hrs and 19 mins
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The News Sorority


For decades, women battered the walls of the male fortress of television journalism, until finally three - Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric, and Christiane Amanpour - broke through, definitively remaking America's nightly news. Drawing on exclusive interviews with their colleagues and intimates from childhood on, bestselling author Sheila Weller crafts a lively and eye-opening narrative, revealing the combination of ambition, skill, and character that enabled these three singular women to infiltrate the once impenetrable "boys club" and become cultural icons.

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Narrator: Morgan Hallett
Length: 17 hrs and 17 mins
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Raging Heart


Here, for the first time, is the intimate untold story of O. J. and Nicole Brown Simpson's tragic, tumultuous marriage. Author Sheila Weller was granted unprecedented cooperation by Nicole's family and exclusive access to friends who reveal private information. Raging Heart is filled with gripping revelations and shocking scenes from the lives of the dangerously romantic couple - Nicole, the beautiful, devoted wife and mother, and O.J., the charismatic football legend whose dark side was ignored by his worshipping buddies. This is a tumultuous story of love, obsession, provocation, violence, the hope of an ideal family, and the crushing tragedy that shocked the world.

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Length: 2 hrs and 49 mins
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Girls Like Us


Joni Mitchell, Carole King, and Carly Simon remain among the most enduring and important women in popular music. Each woman is distinct: King is the product of outer-borough, middle-class New York City; Mitchell is the granddaughter of Canadian farmers; and Simon is a child of the Manhattan intellectual upper crust. Collectively, they represent, in their lives and their songs, a great swath of American girls who came of age in the late 1960s. Their stories trace the arc of the now-mythic generation known as "the 60s" - the female version - but in a bracingly specific and deeply recalled way, far from cliché. The history of the women of that generation had never been written - until now - and it is told through the resonant lives and emblematic songs of Mitchell, Simon, and King. Filled with the voices of dozens of these women's intimates, this alternating biography reads like a novel - except it's all true, and the heroines are famous and beloved. Sheila Weller captures the character of each woman and gives a balanced portrayal, enriched by a wealth of new information. Girls Like Us is an epic treatment of midcentury women who dared to break tradition and become what none had been before them: confessors in song, rock superstars, and adventurers of heart and soul.

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Narrator: Susan Ericksen
Length: 22 hrs and 52 mins
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