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The Orphan Sisters

5 ratings


A heartbreaking, enthralling and utterly unforgettable World War 2 story of two young sisters cruelly abandoned by their mother at an orphanage. 1929: four-year-old Etty and eight-year-old Dorothy are abandoned at Blakely Hall orphanage by their mother, never to see her again. With no other family to speak of, the sisters worship their beloved mam - and they are confused and heartbroken to be deserted by her when they need her the most. 1940: Etty and Dorothy are finally released from the confines of Blakely Hall - but their freedom comes when the country is in the grip of World War Two and its terrors. Amidst a devastating backdrop of screaming air-raid sirens and cold nights huddled in shelters, the sisters are desperate to put their broken childhoods behind them. But trouble lies ahead. Dorothy must bid good-bye to her beloved husband when he’s sent to war, and Etty must nurse a broken heart as she falls in love with the one man she can never be with. Etty and Dorothy survived the orphanage with the help of one another, and neither sister can forget the awful betrayal of their mother, which has haunted them their whole lives. But when a shocking secret about their painful childhood comes to light, will the sisters ever be the same again?

©2019 Shirley Dickson (P)2019 Bolinda Publishing

Narrator: Anne Dover
Length: 12 hrs
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The Outcast Girls

2 ratings


An utterly heartbreaking tale of two young girls, worlds apart, who are thrown together when they have lost everything. Fans of Wives of War, Before We Were Yours, and Diney Costeloe will absolutely love this poignant and moving World War Two novel. England, 1937: After a devastating childhood at Blakely Hall Orphanage, 15-year-old Sandra is released. She finds work as a housemaid, finally able to put her past behind her. But the start of World War Two throws the country into turmoil, and her brother, Alf, is sent away to fight, leaving her completely alone. Germany, 1939: Eleven-year-old Frieda is about to board a ship bound for England with her brother, Kurt. Life at home is perilous, with synagogues set alight and innocent lives lost to the Nazis. They have no choice but to flee, with only their identity cards and a small suitcase. But at the last moment, as Frieda stands on the deck crammed with frightened children, she spots her brother jumping off, back to land. England, 1943: Joining the Land Army, Sandra is sent to a farm in the remote countryside where she meets evacuee Frieda. The girls are grappling with their own tragedies - Sandra fretting over whether Alf, flying a bomber in the heavens, will see tomorrow, and Frieda distraught that Kurt abandoned her, uncertain whether he is alive. Sandra and Frieda form a friendship that sees them through the darkest of days, but in times of war, heartbreak is always just around the corner. Will the girls ever be reunited with their loved ones? And will the relationships they have fostered amidst the terror of war survive?

©2020 Shirley Dickson (P)2020 Bookouture

Length: 10 hrs and 15 mins
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The Lost Children


As they walked toward the railway station, their mother took an envelope from her handbag. "I want you to keep this somewhere safe." "What’s in the letter?" "Listen carefully. You’re never to open it unless you or your sister are in real trouble. Promise me." England, 1943: Home is no longer safe for eight-year-old twins Molly and Jacob. Night after night, wailing bombs and screeching planes skim the rooftops overhead. They cradle each other, shivering in terror, not knowing if they will live to see dawn. Their mother, Martha, has no choice but to evacuate them to the safety of the countryside.  At the train station, Martha bites back tears as she says good-bye to her precious children. Knowing she might never see them again, she gives Jacob a letter, pressing the envelope into his hands and telling him to only read it if they are in danger.  In the country, Molly and Jacob must adjust to life with strangers. Every night they dream of returning home to the arms of their beloved mother. But then the unimaginable happens. Martha is killed in an explosion, leaving the twins all alone in the world.  The war has robbed Molly and Jacob of everything - all they have left is one another. Motherless and destitute, they face the grim reality of life in an orphanage. The time has finally come for Jacob to open the letter. What secret does it hold, and could it change the course of their tragic fate? Because if they are together, they can survive anything - but what if they are torn apart?  From the best-selling author of The Orphan Sisters comes an utterly heartbreaking and unforgettable tale of two children who must lean on each other in a time of tragedy and learn the shocking truth of their past. Fans of Wives of War, Lisa Wingate, and Diney Costeloe will be swept away by this sublime World War Two novel. 

©2020 Shirley Dickson (P)2020 Bookouture, an imprint of Storyfire Ltd.

Narrator: Rosie Jones
Length: 11 hrs and 11 mins
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Our Last Goodbye


A heart-wrenching, poignant and totally unforgettable tale of a young woman who must finally face up to the secret she has hidden for a lifetime.   1943, England: On a foggy night during the blackout, 25-year-old May Robinson watches in horror as her mother, Ivy, is tragically killed. Heartbroken, May is not sure she has the strength to harbour the secret she has kept for so many years - a secret that her mother devoted her life to hiding and that would tear their broken family even further apart. Vowing to make her mother proud, May trains to be a nurse at the local hospital, against a backdrop of wailing air-raid sirens and the eternal drone of enemy planes.  Tending to wounded, ashen-faced soldiers and fighting to save lives, May encounters Richard Bentley, who works at the hospital. But why isn’t he fighting in the war like thousands of other brave young men?   In the darkest of days, amongst death and despair, May and Richard are beacons of hope for one another. But in a perilous time of such uncertainty, and as each longs to escape their past, how well do they really know each other? And when the shocking truth of May’s secret comes to light, can their love survive the impossible?

©2019 Shirley Dickson (P)2019 Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd

Narrator: Joan Walker
Length: 10 hrs and 11 mins
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