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The Shack

83 ratings


After his daughter's murder, a grieving father confronts God with desperate questions - and finds unexpected answers - in this riveting and deeply moving number one New York Times best seller. When Mackenzie Allen Phillips's youngest daughter Missy is abducted during a family vacation, he remains hopeful that she'll return home. But then, he discovers evidence that she may have been brutally murdered in an abandoned shack deep in the Oregon wilderness. Four years later, in this midst of his great sadness, Mack receives a suspicious note that's supposedly from God, inviting him back to that shack for a weekend. Against his better judgment, he arrives on a wintry afternoon and walks back into his darkest nightmare. What he finds there will change his life forever. 

©2013 William P. Young (P)2013 Hachette Audio

Narrator: Roger Mueller
Length: 9 hrs and 15 mins
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15 ratings


The Shack shattered our limited perceptions about God. Eve will destroy harmful misconceptions about ourselves. From the author of the 25-million copy best seller The Shack comes a beautifully crafted, captivating new novel destined to be one of the most important and talked-about books of the decade. Eve is a bold, unprecedented exploration of the creation narrative, true to the original texts and centuries of scholarship - yet with breathtaking discoveries that challenge traditional misconceptions about who we are and how we're made. As The Shack awakened listeners to a personal, nonreligious understanding of God, Eve will free us from faulty interpretations that have compromised human relationships since the Garden of Eden. Eve opens a refreshing conversation about the equality of men and women within the context of our beginnings, helping us see each other as our Creator does - complete, unique, and not constrained to man-defined rules or limitations. Thoroughly researched and exquisitely written, Eve is a masterpiece that will inspire listeners for generations to come.

©2015 William Paul Young (P)2015 Simon & Schuster Audio. All rights reserved.

Narrator: Roger Mueller
Length: 8 hrs and 59 mins
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Cross Roads

13 ratings


Anthony Spencer is egotistical, proud of being a self-made business success at the peak of his game, even though the cost of winning was painfully high. A cerebral hemorrhage leaves Tony comatose in a hospital ICU. He 'awakens' to find himself in a surreal world, a 'living' landscape that mirrors dimensions of his earthly life, from the beautiful to the corrupt. It is here that he has vivid interactions with others he assumes are projections of his own subconscious, but whose directions he follows nonetheless with the possibility that they might lead to authenticity and perhaps, redemption. The adventure draws Tony into deep relational entanglements where he is able to 'see' through the literal eyes and experiences of others, but is "blind" to the consequences of hiding his personal agenda and loss that emerge to war against the processes of healing and trust. Will this unexpected coalescing of events cause Tony to examine his life and realize he built a house of cards on the poisoned grounds of a broken heart? Will he also have the courage to make a critical choice that can undo a major injustice he set in motion before falling into a coma?

©2012 Wm. Paul Young (P)2012 Hachette Audio

Narrator: Roger Mueller
Length: 9 hrs and 39 mins
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Lies We Believe About God

11 ratings


From the author of the 20 million-plus-copy best-selling novel The Shack and the New York Times best sellers Cross Roads and Eve comes a compelling, conversational exploration of the wrongheaded ideas we sometimes have and share about God. Wm. Paul Young has been called a heretic for the ways he vividly portrays God's love through his novels. Here he shares 33 commonly uttered and sometimes seemingly innocuous things we say about God. Paul exposes these as lies that keep us from having full, loving relationships with our creator. With personal anecdotes, and sharing the compassion felt from the "Papa" portrayed in The Shack - soon to be a major film starring Sam Worthington and Octavia Spencer - Paul encourages listeners to think anew about important issues including sin, religion, hell, politics, identity, creation, and human rights and helps us discover God's deep and abiding love.

©2017 William Paul Young (P)2017 S&S Audio

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The Pastor: A Crisis

5 ratings


Crisis! An explosive public meltdown. A violent incident in the psychiatric ward. Now, the pastor stares into the abyss of his own secret shame. Before he can be free, he must confront his demons and find grace. But will he let go? Will he allow himself to be healed? The Pastor explores the perilous human journey from self-will and striving, through defeat and despair, to hope and the redemption found only through surrender. Trigger warning: mature themes.

©2020 Bradley Jersak and William Paul Young (P)2020 Bradley Jersak and William Paul Young

Narrator: Boyd Barrett
Length: 2 hrs and 52 mins
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Cross Roads Reflections


The powerful story found in Cross Roads inspired and encouraged listeners around the world. Now, Cross Roads Refelctions provides an opportunity for you to revisit Tony and his redemption journey in a fresh and unique way. This 365-day devotional contains meaningful quotes from Cross Roads along with insightful and thought-provoking prayers written by the author, William Paul Young, who also wrote the phenomenal best seller, The Shack. It is designed to inspire, encourage, and uplift you every day of the year.

©2013 Wm. Paul Young (P)2013 Hachette Audio

Length: 4 hrs and 19 mins
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