Cover art for Guardians of the Sword

Guardians of the Sword


Become a part of Arthurian legend as you follow John's crusade to discover Arthur's legendary sword. In audiobook two, the fight for Angoll continues, told from Jehoobud's viewpoint, as he, John, and Kalla enter the Swamps of Mist. Hidden within lies the lands of the Kretan Rahnat, descendants of the original Raiders from Earth. Here, our three adventurers find an ally in the young, warrior queen of the Kretan Rahnat, Dayona, who joins them in a clash against Gargoyles' swords and a wizard's dark spell on a quest for the legendary Sword of Truth.

©2017 M. Benjamin Woodall (P)2021 M. Benjamin Woodall

Length: 3 hrs and 46 mins
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Nate and the Dragon


Nate, a 12-year-old boy, is drawn to a surreal island that exists in a place outside normal time. Abandoned, he soon discovers that he is not the only stranded inhabitant. Cato, a young dragon, has become separated from his mother.

Nate soon learns that a group of evil wizards are planning to use the island as a channel to come into his world, ushering in a new dark age.

Called upon as defenders against encroaching evil, will Nate and Cato survive the overwhelming threat?

©2019 Thomas Rowe Drinkard (P)2019 Thomas Rowe Drinkard

Length: 2 hrs and 47 mins
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Cover art for The World's Strongest Wizard Becomes Manaless: A Fantasy LitRPG Series (Volume One)

The World's Strongest Wizard Becomes Manaless: A Fantasy LitRPG Series (Volume One)

1 rating


In a world where mana means unparalleled power, Zephyr Chronis sits comfortably at its peak. Granted the title of “The Grand Wizard” at a young age, Zephyr has always been the genius everyone around fears and respects. However, some things were about to change when he acquired a cursed sword artifact - The Ruler’s Blade. Suddenly devoid of any mana, Zephyr could only hope to rely on his mediocre physical ability. The future looked bleak, but not with the Ruler’s Blade’s power at hand.  [Reached damage threshold - stamina increased!]...  [Reached speed threshold - agility increased!]... “I - I can actually get stronger with this!” TWSWBM is a fantasy LitRPG series.

©2019 Dennis Jode (P)2020 Cavalida J.D.

Length: 3 hrs and 18 mins
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Journey Under the Trailer


Investigating a malfunctioning air-conditioning unit, a professor and his sniveling assistant journey under a mobile-home trailer to discover an illusive world fraught with monsters. The fight to usurp control of the air conditioning unit from the Great Red Dragon soon coalesces into an unbridled desire to control the journal as log entry after log entry document this perilous quest.

©2018 Mark Benjamin Woodall (P)2019 Mark Benjamin Woodall

Length: 1 hr and 16 mins
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