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The Caucasus Cauldron


MI6 spies, Russian FSB, Chechen terrorists, Abkhaz Separatists, the 1992 Georgian war.  This breathtaking and brutal novel is a gripping tale set in the magnificent Caucasus Mountains during Georgia's ill-fated invasion of Abkhazia in 1992. The Caucasus Cauldron gives a vivid focus to a historical moment left out of the history books, a world ripping itself apart and ravaged by never-ending hatred and blood feuds.  Can our hero, Mac, trust the attractive Russian FSB officer, Kris, who befriends him? How will she react to Doctor Anna, a Separatist rabble-rouser who holds the key to his secret mission? And what about the mysterious Sergei, a former British agent, who seems to have disappeared?  How will Mac cope with the Chechen terrorist who has vowed to kill him? "You are a dead man, English. We know who you are. You are spying on our people. Now you die." The result is an intense action-packed thriller full of danger, death, and fear but a story full of quiet humour and surprising twists and turns.

©2020 James Lingard (P)2021 Wordwooze Publishing

Length: 6 hrs and 41 mins
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