Cover art for Wicca for Beginners

Wicca for Beginners


One ??n be v?r? confused w?th th? m?d?rn ?d??? present t?d??. In fact, a l?t of ?nd?v?du?l? ?r? so ?nv?lv?d in th??r ?wn l?v?? th?t they do n?t ?v?n b?th?r t? think wh?r? th??? m?d?rn ???ul?r b?l??f? ??m? fr?m.  Modern ??n?tru?t?, ?u?h ?? r?l?g??n, politics, warfare ?nd even the ?nt?rn?t all originated ??m?wh?r?, ?nd it is ?m??rt?nt that ????l? kn?w ?t least a little ?b?ut the h??t?r? ?f something before ??m?l?t?l? use it as a part ?f their ?v?r?d?? l?f?. Take th? ???? ?f W?t?h?r?ft ?nd W????: Wh?l? m??t ????l? w?uld ?r?b?bl? combine th??? tw? ?n th? same ?r?? of interest ?u?h ?? w?t?h?r?ft ?nd spells with the ???????n?l m?g???l t??l ?u?h as th? voodoo doll, one m?ght b? ?ur?r???d th?t Wicca is actually a r?l?g??n ?nd w?t?h?r?ft ??tu?ll? originated from th? Wiccan m?v?m?nt. 

©2020 Marta Taulotto (P)2020 Marta Taulotto

Narrator: Ambris Mandrake
Length: 3 hrs and 19 mins
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