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Beyond Strange Lands

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This series contains mature themes and strong language and listener discretion is advised. This podcast uses immersive audio techniques that create a dimensional listening experience, we recommend you listen with headphones. Beyond Strange Lands is an action-packed and fantastical multi-cast audio drama that journeys across the Australian outback. In 1982, the famous paranormal expert Grant Peters went missing while filming his TV show Legendary Australia. His wife Melissa was never able to find him. When Melissa herself disappears nearly forty years later, her daughter Fiona and grandson Ethan trace her to the small outback town of Boulia. There they discover a collection of old audio tapes that Melissa left behind: a set of clues they must follow if they’re to solve this mystery in time. Insidious forces will stop at nothing to destroy them, and an impossibly ancient menace lurks deep beneath the ground, waiting for the chance to strike.... This is an Audible Original Podcast, developed and produced with investment from Screen Queensland. Free for members. You can download all 12 episodes to your Library now. Full cast: Amy Ingram, Michael Fryer, Lisa Hickey, Kevin Spink, Liam James, Sacha Horler, Peter Phelps, Anna McGahan, Richard Davies, Gabriel Willie, Vyvyan Black, Jason McKell, Agnes Mohan, James Mana, Vivienne Abitia, Jesse Warren, Bronte Pearce, Elizabeth Clarke, Peter Kennedy, Laura McArdle, Simon Taylor, David Peterson, Jacob Puryer, Ray Crofts.

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