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Bienvenue à Val Quarios, petite station de ski familiale qui ferme ses portes l'été. Ne reste alors qu'une douzaine de saisonniers au milieu de bâtiments déserts. Hugo vient à peine d'arriver, mais, déjà, quelque chose l'inquiète. Ce sentiment d'être épié, ces "visions" qui le hantent et cette disparition soudaine... Quels secrets terrifiants se cachent derrière ces murs ? Hugo va devoir affronter ses peurs et ses cauchemars jusqu'à douter de sa raison... Bienvenue à Val Quarios, une "jolie petite station familiale" où la mort rôde avec la gourmandise d'une tempête d'été. Un thriller haletant et effrayant au dénouement vertigineux.

©2020 Editions Albin Michel (P)2020 Audiolib

Length: 13 hrs and 29 mins
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Introductory Psychology


Our CLEP study guides are different! The Introductory Psychology CLEP Study Guide teaches you what you need to know to pass the CLEP test. This study guide is more than just pages of sample test questions. Our easy-to-understand study guide will teach you the information. We've condensed what you need to know into a manageable book - one that will leave you completely prepared to tackle the test. This study guide includes sample test questions that will test your knowledge and teach you new material. Anyone can take and pass a CLEP test. What are you waiting for?

©2003, 2021 Breely Crush Publishing (P)2020 Breely Crush Publishing

Length: 3 hrs and 2 mins
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The Crazy Tricks Club


A fun problem-solving thriller for young teens and heist lovers of all ages!   What would you do if you needed to take something from a classmate's bag in the middle of class without anyone noticing? How would you do it? Could you do it? This is the test that Aidan Fox finds himself facing one day after receiving a mysterious text message. But at Ridge Hill Junior High, nothing is as it seems, and this simple challenge leads Aiden into a world he could never have dreamed of.   Now part of the Crazy Tricks Club, Aiden must find a way to not only return stolen money he doesn't have, but do it before anyone finds out it was stolen. And, if he fails, not only could he be expelled, but the whole school will never be the same. Luckily, he has help, but will that be enough to pull off the craziest trick of all time and save the school?  The Crazy Tricks Club is a fun, fast-paced middle school thriller that will entertain and challenge kids, young teens, and adults. Every problem has a solution, you just need to the right trick!

©2021 Robyn Paterson (P)2021 Robyn Paterson

Author: Rob Paterson
Length: 2 hrs and 21 mins
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Unbreak Me


They were supposed to be together forever. That was the plan, but through a cruel twist of fate the night before their three-year anniversary, Tex Davis lost the one man he would ever love, Memphis King. A year has passed, and he still hasn’t been able to move on. Everyone tells him it’s time, but what do they know? Memphis was his partner in love and life. Losing him broke Tex. Tex has been given an opportunity to move from New York to Seattle. His friends and family are encouraging him to take it, but he has already decided to decline the offer because that would mean leaving Memphis behind.  Then, something happened.  Whether it be fate or something else, Memphis came back to him. Tex’s first love is supposed to help him move on, but not even Memphis can bring himself to force Tex to let him go.  Is it so wrong to want to spend forever with the person you loved most? Both hearts are begging to be unbroken.

©2019 Maria Vickers (P)2021 Maria Vickers

Category: Romance
Length: 6 hrs and 14 mins
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Mrs. Willy Nilly


Mrs. Willy Nilly finds herself quarantined, along with the entire student body, when some very talented lice decide to invade her school. When the principal locks himself in his office, she realizes it is up to her to find help.

©2020 Waldorf Publishing (P)2020 Waldorf Publishing

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