Cover art for The Tragedy Man

The Tragedy Man


When his boss was murdered, Cary Bouchard’s life began. 

For years, timid Cary toiled away in a cold cubicle. He had dreams, but not the courage to pursue them. That is, until he lost his job and found his fortune in a most unexpected way. 

Nothing could have prepared Cary for how his life changes: Love, money, and fame come to him all too easily. Soon he’s on TV, signing autographs for legions of fans, in love with a beautiful woman, and buying a Manhattan penthouse. Cary’s newfound confidence and cachet elevates him higher and higher. 

But what goes up must come down. Someone is out for blood. When unspeakable horrors and death start to befall everyone around Cary, everything slips from his grasp. His girlfriend, his fame, and finally...his sanity. All gone. 

A broken man, Cary has nothing to lose as he faces complete oblivion head-on. He does everything he must do in order to uncover the truth about the murder that led to his great fortune. 

But even if he does, will anyone believe him? And can he even trust himself? 

©2012 Staci L. Wilson (P)2018 Staci L. Wilson

Narrator: Andy Garrison
Length: 8 hrs and 45 mins
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Cover art for Donny Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Donny Doesn't Live Here Anymore


Ken Goldman, author of more than 650 published stories, brings you a chapbook containing two dark novellas and three of his best twisted tales. Donny Doesn't Live Here Anymore - First there was the awful incident with Donny and the turtle. Artie, Donny's childhood best friend, could forgive that. Then Donny grew up.... Hotline - What's poor, insecure Phoebe to do when the unstable caller on the other end of the phone thinks he's dialed the suicide hotline? A Museum Piece - The strange skull in the display supposedly stems from a demonic love triangle. But bewitching tour guide Belinda also has a wicked tale of infidelity to tell.... Sine Qua Non - Cultured, privileged, prim, and proper, Timothy will tell you: Trying to kill yourself can be murder! 'Vette Fever - Wally's midlife crisis toy seems to literally be making him younger. But the worship of speed, horsepower and youth demands sacrifices....

©2012 aaProductions (P)2015 aaProductions

Narrator: Andy Garrison
Author: Ken Goldman
Length: 2 hrs and 9 mins
Available on Audible
Cover art for Green River Dark Fantasy Tales

Green River Dark Fantasy Tales


"Those Who Can, Help" - First you discover you might have some supernatural helpers on your lonely third shift job. And then you discover that even supernatural helpers sometimes need human assistance.... "Shadows and Ice" - Staying up late to catch a glimpse of the monsters in the distant fields and forests results in all-too-earthly terrors for one young man.... "House Cleaning: A Messy Ghost Story" - Having trouble keeping your house clean despite endless hours of toil? Maybe there's a supernatural explanation.... "Focus" - In today's economy, only workers who can focus are hired - and some jobs force you to focus...forever! "Something Clean, Something Pure" - Melissa McDaniels' stalker has only one thing in mind as he follows her into the dark, lonely woods...But wait! What's that strange light off in the trees? "Bearing Bad News" - It's the hardest job a lawman has, informing the next of kin after a tragedy. But what should Sheriff Guy Ames do once the tables are turned?

©2015 David Bain (P)2015 a/a Productions

Narrator: Andy Garrison
Author: David Bain
Length: 1 hr and 25 mins
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