Cover art for The Animal Legacies

The Animal Legacies


Best-selling author and publisher Rebecca Hall Gruyter once again gathers an incredible community of creative, open-hearted authors to awaken, inspire, and empower listeners. If your life has ever been touched by the love and companionship of an animal, then you will want this book by your side to hear and refer to often! In this anthology, each author shares their personal story of animals who have left a special, indelible imprint on their lives. You’ll be entertained, enchanted, and inspired by these warm, engaging celebrations of animals who have brought such joy and laughter, comfort, and protection during difficult times, and profound life lessons to which we can all relate.  Within this book, you’ll find stories of imaginary animal friends who kept a child company during lonely times, confessions of a self-proclaimed Cat Lady, the interesting lives of crows and the antics of squirrels, how we can tune into our pets to receive the messages they have for us, an adoption experience from a dog’s point of view, and much more. The magic of this book is the reminder that the connection between humans and animals runs very deep. As one writer put it, animals help “pull us more deeply into the spirit of the natural world.” These beautifully crafted experiences will bring you right into that special world...of animal legacies. Full list of narrators: Judy Blue, Meg Thalken, Allyson Voller, Alka Nayyar, Michelle Shupe, Sophie Grimm, Barbara Zahora, Kristie Berger, Adithi Chandrashekar, Dana Black, Annabel Armour, Christine Bunuaan, and Angela Morris.

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