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Christmas Pitch


Fall in love with an unforgettable romance by Emmy Award winner Jacklyn Thrapp. This Christmas, Ann (Rachel Slotky) goes back home to Arlington, Texas, while juggling a big work pitch coming up next month, but an old fling (Bobby Allan) may have a proposal of his own for her. Starring Mark Taylor, Mike Pollock, Rachel Slotky, Bobby Allan, Nick Corda, Simona Berman, Barrett Leddy, Artie Brennan, Jackson Bell, Max Azarmehr, Caroline Spinola, Nicki Gex, Jane Lednovich, Graylyn Roose and Jacklyn Thrapp. Originally written by Jacklyn Thrapp. Directed by Jacklyn Thrapp. Christmas Pitch is presented by Thrappo Audio. © Jacklyn Thrapp LLC 

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