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Magnolia Kinsella is finishing her nursing degree and interning at Silver Spring Memorial, but seriously, she’s a little klutz - she's so accident prone that she keeps turning up as a patient more than she should. Magnolia loves to jog to clear her mind and read steamy romance novels. She’s shy when she likes a guy, but a certain magic paperback might change her fate. Remember Thor...Ehm Max, the sexy paramedic from Onyx?  He has to rescue our nurse from herself a few times, but he certainly doesn’t mind. What happens if he isn’t the only one who’s noticed our girl, but also his roommates Doctor P. (You’ll have to find out how he earned the nickname) and officer Hunk? Magnolia is a contemporary story within the Silver Springs shared universe  Buy this audiobook now to listen to this steamy, contemporary RH with a sprinkle of magic today.

©2020 Melissa Adams (P)2020 Melissa Adams

Narrator: Ash Beverly
Length: 5 hrs and 8 mins
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