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The Basics of Bible Doctrine Volume 2


Seven great chapters to help you understand the Bible! "The Book of Genesis in 55 Minutes" by Gerald Robison. As a former “Walk Thru The Bible” instructor, Gerald knows how to condense scriptural teaching into easy-to-remember pieces. And what better book to have a complete understanding of than the foundational book of Genesis! Regardless of your spiritual age, this will impact how you organize the Bible in your mind. "The Old Testament in 55 Minutes" by Gerald Robison. Gerald is a former trainer for instructors teaching “Walk Thru the Bible” seminars held around the USA. You’ll learn, in order, the entire Old Testament from Genesis to Malachi, AND remember what you’ve learned for the rest of your life!  Chapter three - Daniel in 55 Minutes by Ed Hindson. An incredible overview of the most prophecy-rich book in the Bible.  "The Book of Acts in 55 Minutes" by Gerald Robison. Acts bridges the time of Jesus and the Church Age presented in a way you’ll never forget! "Biblical Proof That God Loves Israel" by Dave Reagan. The Bible says Israel is the apple of God’s eye, and both history and future prophecies confirm that truth! "Satan's Lie - 'Do Everything Jesus Says to Do'" by Bill Perkins. Jesus commanded many things to do while He was here on planet earth. Do they all apply to us living in the “Church Age”? Enjoy this provocative study of what Jesus said and to whom it applied...eye-opening! "The Bible's Big Picture". This unique presentation covers Genesis to Revelation in one sitting from God’s perspective in just 30 minutes! Beginning with Adam, you journey through time, covering key areas along God’s timetable, including the period dead-ahead (rapture / tribulation / anti-Christ / 666 / 2nd Coming of Jesus / etc.). "10 Truths About Rapture" by Andy Woods. Andy walks through a biblically solid and detailed outline of the coming Rapture. Excellent!

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