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Sham Peer Review - The Power of Immunity and The Abuse of Trust


Medical Peer Review is the process of evaluating individual professional performance by qualified peers as part of a system to maintain standards and improve performance within the profession. If misused, Peer Review can be a powerful weapon to constrain competitors, to eviscerate political rivals and to energize personal egos through the diminishment of other professionals. This is what is known as a Sham Peer Review. In medicine, under the shelter of near absolute immunity provided by the HealthCare Quality Improvement Act of 1980 ("HCQIA") and state Peer Review counterparts, the system of review and accountability as enacted by the legislatures and reviewed by the courts assumes a high level of good faith and fair treatment of their colleagues by professionals. Like any system with a concentration of unaccountable power to destroy the professional reputation and livelihood of one's colleagues, there are bound to be abuses.

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The Mermaid Latitudes


A miniature painting of a mermaid drawn in bat’s blood is taking the art world by storm. Why was it adrift at sea in a bottle, a coded message etched in the glass? Who painted it and why?  It is up to Larry Settlebottom, a sheltered museum curator, to decipher the riddle. His adventures take him to Mexico and beyond as he encounters modern-day pirates, corrupted oceanographers, and a band of romantic sea gypsies, all leading him to a remote island where madness, death, and art live together.

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Length: 7 hrs and 24 mins
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The Water Lawyer


Matt Wolfe, a brilliant young attorney with Native American roots unravels a murder-for-hire scheme at his prestigious Colorado law firm. Aided by his ranching girlfriend, a retired senator, and an ex-con, he must outmaneuver hired killers, corrupt lawyers, and powerful politicians. Is water worth dying for? It is in today's Wild, Wild West. For lovers of legal thrillers.

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Length: 7 hrs and 19 mins
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