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London, 1944. Seemingly far from the war in Europe, two schoolboys find they have much more pressing concerns than the fighting on the front-line. Melchior rekindles a passionate love affair with an old flame, but beneath his confident, roguish exterior lies a young boy who finds himself out of his depth. What starts as a romantic chapter in their young lives soon takes a violent turn with disastrous consequences that threaten to tear them apart. For Mortiz however, girls are the last thing he wants to think about. But he cant ignore his natural desires for much longer, especially with the new crowd Melchior introduces him to. And with the expectations of a demanding father on top of the ever-increasing piles of homework, Moritz finds himself struggling to cope with the amounting pressure, and soon becomes to much to bare... Springs Awakening is a story of youth and innocence, and the awakening we all experience one day. It explores the power of friendship and lust, and the role of society in dealing with these childhood traumas. THE CAST: Moritz: Anthony Lewis Wendla: Helen Oakleigh Martha: Victoria Broom Headmaster: Ian Fairbairn Bergman /Rousseau: Tina Rath Rentier / Sean: Neil Summeville Melchoir: Ben Righton Thea: Laura James Ernest: Jeremy Tiang Caines / Sergeant: Keith Ducklin Will: Mike Sani Jenkins / Priest: Andrew McDonald

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