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Comedy superstar Mike Myers writes from the (true patriot) heart about his 53-year relationship with his beloved Canada. Mike Myers is a world-renowned actor, director and writer and the man behind some of the most memorable comic characters of our time. But, as he says, "No description of me is truly complete without saying I'm a Canadian". He has often winked and nodded to Canada in his outrageously accomplished body of work, but now he turns the spotlight full-beam on his homeland. His hilarious and heartfelt new book is part memoir, part history, and pure entertainment. It is Mike Myers' funny and thoughtful analysis of what makes Canada Canada and Canadians Canadians and what being Canadian has always meant to him. His relationship with his home and native land continues to deepen and grow, he says. In fact American friends have actually accused him of enjoying being Canadian - and he's happy to plead guilty as charged. A true patriot who happens to be an expatriate, Myers is in a unique position to explore Canada from within and without. With this, his first book, Mike brings his love for Canada to the fore at a time when the country is once again looking ahead with hope and national pride. Canada is a wholly subjective account of Mike's Canadian experience. Mike writes, "Some might say, 'Why didn't you include this or that?' I say there are 35 million stories waiting to be told in this country, and my book is only one of them."

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The distinguished American civil rights leader, W. E. B. DuBois first published these fiery essays, sketches, and poems individually in 1920 in the Atlantic, the Journal of Race Development, and other periodicals. Reflecting the author's ideas as a politician, historian, and artist, this volume has long moved and inspired readers with its militant cry for social, political, and economic reform. It is essential reading for all students of African American history.

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Snatched Up by a Bad Boy


Even though Brynlee is a hood girl at heart, getting out the hood has always been number one on her to-do list. Now at the age of 25, she has done just that. Big house, dream job, and even engaged to her college boyfriend. She has it all, but she is consistently left wondering, am I really happy? Is my life complete?  After getting into it with her fiancé Troy about the one thing she desires so desperately, she decides that it is time to let her hair down and escape reality for a while. But what she isn't prepared for is the person she finds herself bumping into.  Sawyer McKnight, the neighborhood's bad boy, is now the hood's hottest rapper. He went from the slums to the mansion, but still, he is missing someone to share it with.  In this love tale, you have two people from the same background but different walks of life. Can the two be what the other truly needs or will they just settle for what they're already used to?

©2019 Prenisha Aja (P)2020 Recorded Books

Author: Prenisha Aja
Length: 4 hrs and 31 mins
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Carl Weber's Five Families of New York


While most young people are just getting their footing in life, 24-year-old Bryshon "Boogie" Tolliver is already being groomed to be a boss by his father, Barry Tolliver. At first, he's not so sure he wants to take his father's place in the family business. He has dreams of being the most prominent chef in New York. However, things change when Barry is murdered in cold blood and everything he built is left at Boogie's feet. Gone are those chef dreams, replaced with a new resolve to prove himself worthy of upholding his father's legacy. Boogie takes his rightful place at the table of the Five Families of New York and is quickly taken under the wing of Caesar, the head of the organization. Known as The Godfather's Godfather, Caesar shows Boogie what it takes to be a boss. The deeper in Boogie gets, the more obsessed he becomes with finding his father's murderer. When all signs point to the person Boogie knows is untouchable, he'll do anything to even the score, even if it costs him his seat at the table.

©2021 C.N. Phillips (P)2021 Recorded Books Inc.

Length: 6 hrs and 47 mins
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Merge - Disciple


Merge Raleigh Redman loved Nicci Charbon until she left him heartbroken. Then he hit the lotto for 24 million dollars, quit his minimum-wage job, and set his sights on one goal: reading the entire collection of lectures in the Popular Educator Library. As Raleigh is trudging through the eighth volume, he notices something in his apartment that at first seems ordinary but quickly reveals itself to be from a world very different from our own. This entity shows Raleigh joy beyond the comforts of 24 million dollars...and merges our world with those that live beyond. Disciple Hogarth "Trent" Tryman is a 42-year-old man working a dead-end data-entry job. Though he lives alone and has no real friends besides his mother, he's grown quite content in his quiet life, burning away time with television, the Internet, and video games. That all changes the night he receives a bizarre instant message. At first he thinks it's a joke, but in just a matter of days Hogarth Tryman goes from a data-entry clerk to the head of a corporation. His fate is now in very powerful hands as he realizes he has become a pawn in a much larger game with unimaginable stakes.

©2012 Random House Audio; 2012 Walter Mosley

Length: 8 hrs and 43 mins
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