Cover art for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (Dramatised)

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (Dramatised)

9 ratings


Smiley, wrestling with retirement and disillusionment, is summoned to a secret meeting with a member of the Cabinet Office. Evidence has emerged that the Circus has been infiltrated at the highest level by a Russian agent. 'Find the mole, George. Clean the stables. Do whatever is necessary.' Reluctantly Smiley agrees, and so embarks on a dark journey into his past a past filled with love, duplicity and betrayal.

Starring the award-winning Simon Russell Beale as Smiley, and with a star cast including Anna Chancellor, Alex Jennings, Kenneth Cranham, and Bill Paterson, this epic dramatisation brilliantly depicts the complicated moral dilemmas of those who practice post-war espionage and illuminates the murky corners of le Carré's classic spy thriller - the first in the Karla trilogy.

©1974 le Carre Productions (P)2009 BBC Audiobooks Ltd

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Daunt & Dervish


All four series of the jaunty crime drama featuring two ex-spies who set up a private detective agency London,1953. Josephine Daunt and Susan Dervish both worked for the Ministry of Defence during the Second World War, doing top-secret, highly dangerous espionage work. But in peacetime, they find themselves without a job and feeling useless. Determined to put their talents to good use, they decide to set up a detective agency, with the help of former private eye Bill Mackie. From their Covent Garden office, they handle a steady flow of business. But the ladies’ lives really become exciting when they rescue a woman from drowning – only to discover that she’s not what she seems. Soon, the daring duo are caught up in all manner of challenging cases, including a sporting assignment involving a priest and an Olympic boxing hopeful, a request to bid on a Monet that takes them on a trail across the Channel, a commission to investigate film actress Belinda Lane and a theft at a fashion designer’s workshop that leads them into a world of Teddy boys, political machinations and murder.... Guy Meredith's light-hearted crime series stars Anna Massey as Josephine Daunt, while Imelda Staunton, Frances Barber and Sylvestra Le Touzel play Susan Dervish. Bill Paterson and Sean Scanlan co-star as Bill Mackie. Written by Guy Meredith. Format by Imelda Staunton and Anna Massey. Series 1 produced by Cherry Cookson and directed by Janet Whitaker. Series 2-4 produced and directed by Colin Guthrie. Clarinet played by Julian Stringle (Series 3, Episode 1).

©2020 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd (P)2020 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd

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Knots and Crosses

3 ratings


This is the first Inspector Rebus novel. "And in Edinburgh of all places. I mean, you never think of that sort of thing happening in Edinburgh, do you?"That sort of thing is the brutal abduction and murder of two young girls. And now a third is missing, presumably gone to the same sad end. Detective Sergeant John Rebus, smoking and drinking too much, his own daughter spirited away by his estranged wife, is one of many policemen hunting the killer. Then, the messages begin: knotted string and matchstick crosses taunt Rebus with a puzzle only he can solve.

©1987 Ian Rankin (P)1999 Orion Publishing Group Ltd.

Narrator: Bill Paterson
Author: Ian Rankin
Length: 3 hrs and 25 mins
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The Stuarts

1 rating


Eleven BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramas telling the stories of Mary Queen of Scots and the Stuart royals. Under the Stuarts, Britain entered the modern world. But with great change came turmoil, and for 111 years, the Stuart monarchs faced dynastic struggles, religious conflict, the rise of parliamentary democracy - and civil war. These dramas chart that turbulent epoch through its royal family, from Mary, Queen of Scots to the ‘last Stuart’, Bonnie Prince Charlie’s daughter Charlotte. It Came In with a Lass - 1561. Arriving in mist-shrouded Scotland, Queen Mary must quickly distinguish her friends from her enemies. Starring Jeany Spark as Mary. To Make the Plough Go Before the Horse - James I’s life and reign told through his relationships, from his first love, Esme, to his last favourite, George Villiers. Starring Bill Paterson as James I and VI. A World of Fools and Knaves - Henrietta Maria, Charles I's Catholic queen, watches her husband fail to keep hold of the reins of government. Starring Julian Rhind-Tutt as Charles I. This War Without an Enemy - Only on the morning of his execution can Charles I begin to understand the events that brought him to to the scaffold. Starring Julian Rhind-Tutt as Charles I. Charles II, Part One: Through the World in Various Fortune - When news of Oliver Cromwell's death reaches Brussels, the exiled Charles II plots his return. Starring Jamie Parker as Charles II. Charles II, Part Two: The Long Lease of Pleasant Days - Charles II plots to confound parliamentary reformers and secure the throne for his brother. Starring Pip Torrens as Charles II. James II: The Storms of this Deceitful World - 1688. After just four years as King, James II flees England in the Glorious Revolution. How did it all go so wrong? Starring James Fleet as James II. William III and Mary II: To Have and to Hold - Dutch William marries his Stuart cousin for reasons of politics, not passion - but their partnership proves crucial when it comes to ruling England. Starring Mark Edel-Hunt as William III and Elaine Cassidy as Mary. Queen Anne: Myself Alone - Queen Anne must abandon long-held allegiances to command parliament’s loyalty and rule with authority. Starring Fenella Woolgar as Queen Anne. Bonnie Prince Charlie: Who Dares to Be Free - Charles Edward Stuart, the ‘Young Pretender’, risks everything for the Stuart name. Starring Blake Ritson as Charles. Charlotte Stuart: The Last Stuart - Is Charlotte Stuart as driven as her predecessors, or the last victim of the Stuart curse? Starring Kate O’Flynn as Charlotte. Produced and directed by Jessica Dromgoole, Sasha Yevtushenko, Marc Beeby and Gemma Jenkins.

©2019 BBC Worldwide Ltd (P)2019 BBC Worldwide Ltd

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J. M. Barrie: The BBC Radio Collection


Four of JM Barrie’s finest plays, plus two documentaries exploring the history of Peter Pan.

JM Barrie is famous worldwide for his iconic creation, Peter Pan. However, many of his other works have been undeservedly forgotten. This collection contains three of his lesser-known plays, revisited for radio, as well as a dramatisation of his beloved story of the boy who never grew up.

'Dear Brutus'

On Midsummer’s Eve, in a magic wood, a group of guests invited by the mysterious, Puck-like Lob are offered something they all desire – a second chance...Starring Jeffrey Segal as Lob.

'The Admirable Crichton'

Crichton is the perfect butler, and the perfect snob, but his employer, Lord Loam, believes all men should be equal. Crichton is horrified by his master’s liberal opinions – and it will take a sea change to alter them. Starring Russell Tovey as Crichton.

'Mary Rose'

A soldier stares into the fire in an empty, dark house as an unsettling and tragic history unfolds before him. This haunting, eerie drama about a sinister Scottish island and a mysterious, elusive girl stars Bill Paterson and Bryony Hannah.

'Peter Pan'

A strange visitor transforms the Darling household one bedtime, whisking the children away to a land of adventure and wonder...This swashbuckling dramatisation of Barrie’s timeless tale, directed by the award-winning Dirk Maggs, stars Toyah Willcox, Ron Moody, June Whitfield and Roy Hudd.

Bonus programmes include Opening Nights: Peter Pan Takes Flight, in which Russell Davies presents a fascinating insight into the world premiere of Peter Pan in 1904, and Why JM Barrie Wrote The Little White Bird, exploring the origins of Peter Pan and his first adventures.

Peter Pan published with the support of Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity. A company limited by guarantee (company number 09338724) and a registered charity (charity number 1160024).

Text copyright © 2019 Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, London.

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Dead Souls


FEATURING AN EXCLUSIVE INTRODUCTION READ BY IAN RANKIN. The 10th Inspector Rebus novel from "Britain's best crime novelist" (Daily Express). Stalking a poisoner at the local zoo, Inspector John Rebus comes across a paedophile taking pictures of children. When the social workers claim he is there for legitimate educational reasons, Rebus is faced with a dilemma - should he be outed to protect local kids or given a chance to start anew? As the locals begin a hate campaign he gets a call from the past: the son of a friend has gone missing and no one else will make time to ask the right questions. And then a fragment of Scotland's criminal history is repatriated at the end of a life sentence for murder. Once more Rebus' cup of trouble runneth over and the ghosts of past misdeeds return to haunt Edinburgh's streets.

©1992 John Rebus Ltd (P)2003 Orion Publishing Group Ltd

Author: Ian Rankin
Length: 3 hrs and 26 mins
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Hide and Seek

6 ratings


FEATURING AN EXCLUSIVE INTRODUCTION READ BY IAN RANKIN. The 2nd Inspector Rebus novel from 'arguably Scotland's finest living writer' (The Times) A junkie lies dead in an Edinburgh squat, spreadeagled, cross-like on the floor, between two burned-down candles, a five-pointed star daubed on the wall above. Just another dead addict - until John Rebus begins to chip away at the indifference, treachery, deceit and sleaze that lurks behind the facade of the Edinburgh familiar to tourists. Only Rebus seems to care about a death which looks more like a murder every day, about a seductive danger he can almost taste, appealing to the darkest corners of his mind.

©1999 Ian Rankin (P)1999 The Orion Publishing Group Ltd

Author: Ian Rankin
Length: 3 hrs and 28 mins
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