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Weird Facts About Canadian Hockey


Canadian hockey is rife with tales of the odd, the strange, the funny and, occasionally, the disturbing side of the game:  In 1976, Maple Leafs coach Red Kelly installed pyramids in the players’ dressing room and under the bench in an attempt to harness “pyramid power”  The Cusimano brothers started the tradition of “octopus hurling” during the 1952 playoff games  In 1930, Toronto Maple Leafs’ general manager Conn Smythe placed a winning bet on a longshot horse to pay the cash-strapped Ottawa Senators for star player Frank “King” Clancy  After a hard-fought win in the 1972 NHL playoffs, goaltender Bruce Gamble discovered after the fact that he had suffered a heart attack while minding the net After winning the Stanley Cup in 1924, the Montreal Canadiens left the precious trophy sitting in the snow by the side of the road! And many more....

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