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Table 36


Have you ever considered the repercussions from one of the worst hurricanes to ever hit the US? Such an event magnifies not only the loss of lives, fortunes, possessions, but everyday stresses. Flushing the commode, finding food and gas, everything becomes a challenge when life changes overnight. How do people survive all of these trials as they watch common occurrences become impossible challenges? How is it possible to maintain one's sanity? Table 36 describes the assault of Hurricane Michael, as it raped the land, carving his path inside two small coastal towns in Gulf and Bay Counties, Florida, on Wednesday, October 10, 2018. This monster hit at 2 pm on a typical steamy day. One of the restaurants, Sunset Coastal Grill which was annihilated in Port St. Joe, Florida, relates this horror. It may sound strange to think of a table sharing an event. Where is life more fluid and diverse than a restaurant? Imagine, if walls could talk inside any of our favorite dining establishments? Lovingly told through fiction and fact, you will never forget the two towns which survived a monster not once, but two times in their long history. Never, did residents lose faith in God or love for each other as the towns worked to rebuild. This remarkable tale of survival is told through contributions from the communities of Port St. Joe, Mexico Beach, and Table 36 inside the once beautiful, Sunset Coastal Grill.

©2019 Linda Heavner Gerald (P)2020 Linda Heavner Gerald

Length: 5 hrs and 53 mins
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Human Error


Human Error proves beyond any reasonable doubt that our United States elections are rigged. Follow our investigation into the New York City-wide fraudulent election, beginning with the step-by-step appeal process all the way to the US Supreme Court. After a six-year federal court proceeding, the shocking inner workings and dark secrets of the New York City Board of Elections were revealed. The decisions of the District Federal Court, United States Court of Appeals for the second circuit, and, yes, the United States Supreme Court, left many dumbfounded. Human Error will shock and anger you, and make you question if your vote really does count.

©2020 Mel Ladner (P)2020 Mel Ladner

Author: Mel Ladner
Length: 4 hrs and 5 mins
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