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The Deep


'The world is never-ending. I never realized just how much space there is - how far and wide the water around our island stretches out. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I may have believed that a second Wall ran around Tresco, containing the infinite waters so we wouldn't all wash over the edge and plummet down into the depths.' Leia and Walt are on their way to the Other Side, where the legendary land of Cornwall awaits them. Tony, their new friend, has told them that all wars of the past have been forgotten and the citizens of Bodmin and Dartmoor live in peace. People adhere to the tenets of an old religion that preaches forgiveness and non-violence. However, Walt and Leia soon discover that even a peace-loving, ideal society like this one may have its flaws. While on a forbidden trip to Exeter, the old city of their ancestors, the two Islanders discover more about the new world than they ever bargained for. Secrets run dark and passions run deep in this thrilling conclusion to the Island novella series.

©2014 Jen Minkman (P)2014 Jen Minkman

Author: Jen Minkman
Length: 7 hrs and 24 mins
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Locked in the mental ward on her 16th birthday, Eve Sterling doesn't think things can get any worse. They can. After failing the mindscan procedure that predicts future crime, she's deemed a Defect and subjected to endless psychological and physical testing as the government tries to determine what's different about her. The one bright spot is military guard, Will. He's gentle with her when no one's watching and suppresses a smile whenever she defies their challenges. Will's lessons begin to dance dangerously close to knowledge she shouldn't possess, like what's beyond the fenced compound. Though it's forbidden and Will would be killed on the spot if they're discovered, they steal away moments together. With her very life on the line, Eve has to decide if she can trust the guard she's falling for. Defect, a young adult romance that takes place in the near-future. It is a survivalist love story.

©2013 Ryann Kerekes (P)2014 Ryann Kerekes

Length: 8 hrs and 25 mins
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An Angel Earns Her Wings


New school. New charge. New murder. Sharlene Gallagher's back. As a guardian angel in training, Sharlene is still learning the Guardian Code, but she has already learned one thing: Her cases always involve murder. It's her job to stop the murder before it happens. This time Sharlene is dropped in Collings, Texas. It's the home of her new school, Collings Prep, and her new charge, socialite Candace Davenport. Saving Candace's life means beating the clock and the killer before he strikes. This time, though, her case is more complicated because not only is someone out to kill Candace, but someone is out to kill Sharlene. The Guardian secrets could prove her demise. An Angel Earns Her Wings...or does she?

©2013 Mary Beth Lee (P)2015 Mary Beth Lee

Length: 5 hrs and 41 mins
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Dead Girl Walking


Teen Scream Movie Queen Sharlene Gallagher was the biggest thing to happen to Primrose, Texas...until she died. Now she's back as a guardian angel on a mission: solve murders before they happen. Her murder is first on the list. If she doesn't succeed, her charge will die. If she does, she'll find her way onto The Guardian. So it's back to Primrose and Primrose High School where Sharlene works to save her charge's life and learn the ins and outs of Guardian business. Turns out that business is a little more than solving crime. It's more like saving the world. Makeovers, murder, and mayhem. What more could a girl want? High school's never been easy; now it just might be murder. Dead Girl Walking, The Guardian Book 1 by Mary Beth Lee starts the Sharlene Gallagher mystery series, a series enjoyed by people of all ages.

©2012 Mary Beth Lee (P)2014 Mary Beth Lee

Length: 5 hrs and 59 mins
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