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The Waringham Chronicles, Volume 3: Revolutions

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At the age of 30, Robin is an Earl at last - but not the Earl of Waringham, the ancestral title that he still hopes to win back one day from the evil Mortimer.  England has seen other changes too: Edward III is dead and his successor, the boy king Richard II, is at odds with his uncle, the Duke of Lancaster. The introduction of a hated new poll tax brings about one of the most dangerous episodes in English history and Robin finds himself embroiled in the Peasants’ Revolt.  As the years pass, his old enemies continue to move against him and with the stability of England under increasing threat from an unpredictable and incompetent King, Robin finally joins forces with Lancaster and his son, Henry, in a revolution which aims to secure the nation’s future. And as he finds himself helplessly in love with the wife of his oldest and most implacable enemy, the stage is set for Robin’s final showdown with Mortimer. In the third instalment of a six-part epic, Medieval Europe is brought to life in a multi-cast drama based on the novels by Rebecca Gable, author of the Scarlet City trilogy. Featuring: Tom Alexander, Gareth Armstrong, Maxim Baldry, Tim Bentinck, Nick Brimble, Charlie Condou, Clare Corbett, Raymond Coulthard, Gareth David-Lloyd, Jacob Dudman, Richard Earl, Barnaby Edwards, Jonathan Firth, Genevieve Gaunt, Raj Ghatak, Helen Goldwyn, Derek Griffiths, Jonny Hibbs, Edward Holtom, Will Howard, Anthony Howell, Joe Jameson, Mack Keith-Roach, Rosalyn Landor, Chris Lew Kum Hoi, Damian Lynch, Michael Maloney, Miriam Margolyes, Leith McAllister, Glen McCready, Harry Mead, Tony Millan, Darin Nagada, George Naylor, Nicholas Pegg, David Seddon, Sam Stafford, Dan Starkey, Joseph Timms, Alexander Vlahos, Lizzie Waterworth-Santo, Finty Williams, Gabby Wong and Becky Wright.  Directed by Barnaby Edwards.

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