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When We Dead Awaken: Full Cast Production


An audiobook adaptation of Iben's classic, When We Dead Awaken. First published in 1899 it is a despairing and dream-like play rich in symbolism. This was also Ibsen's final play written at the time of his return to Norway after an extended absence a theme which is also reflected in the plot and it is interesting to speculate how much of Ibsen is contained in the lead character, the sculptor, Rubek, including Ibsen's own relationship with his masterpiece, A Doll's House. It is a relatively underperformed work compared to Ibsen's more well-known classics, though this lack of stage-time appears unwarranted. The play tells of a famous sculptor, his wife, and his muse, and offers an apparently bleak interpretation on aspects of life and death. Rich in metaphor this is a theatrical audio-production by a full cast. It is adapted for audio by Argentine playwright Juan Franco Siri. The play is in some ways evocative of Brand and The Master Builder, and is believed to be inspired by Auguste Rodin's relationship with his student Camille Claudet. This version also includes introductory and concluding comments by Siri. This is an important piece of classic Ibsen theater.

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Shakespeare's The Life and Death of King John - Abridged, Full Cast, Plain English (Adaptation)


The Life and Death of King John tells the story of the reign of King John of England (1199-1216). The story is about ongoing tensions that spill over into war between England and France, while King John deals faces consistent palace intrigue. This play has been adapted into plain English and is performed as a theatrical full-cast production. At just over 20 minutes long, it is an abridged and adapted version of one of the relatively underperformed works in Shakespeare's canon. The plan opens with a threat from the French. Negotiations, conflict, and palace intrigue follow, as King John works his way through many issues of war and diplomacy in classic Shakespearean fashion.

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Shakespeare's Timon of Athens


This production is abridged and in plain English. Timon of Athens (The Life of Tymon of Athens) is perhaps Shakespeare's sharpest satire on wealth, greed, and betrayal. Scholars generally classify Timon either as a tragedy or a problem play.  Timon is wealthy and generous, but his is a spendthrift throwing lavish parties for his guests and offering financial support on a whim. This means everyone loves him, until the money abruptly runs out as Timon finds creditors at his door. Timon's friends are no longer as welcoming. Timon departs Athens, where despite being destitute, he still has an influential role to play.  It is believed that Shakespeare wrote the play with Thomas Middleton in the early 1600s. The play is believed to draw on earlier works from William Painter, Plutarch, and Lucian. Timon is among Shakespeare's less popular works and has been criticized by some scholars, though others view Timon himself as among some of Shakespeare's deepest characters.  This adaptation by Hazel Jeffs presents an abridged version of Shakespeare's work in plain English. It is a full cast theatrical production lasting around 20 minutes.

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D'Artagnan's Legacy


A Musketeers feature-length special! The sequel to The Man in the Iron Mask... Seventeenth-century France, two years after D'Artagnan's death: Deep beneath the Palais de Versailles, Aramis is shocked and astonished by the directives of D'Artagnan's Legacy. To follow, he must betray his honour, his King and, perhaps most damning of all, his fellow Musketeers. The Sun King will be eclipsed by darkness once more...or can the ageing Musketeers really reunite, for one last time - for the glory of France?

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Author: Ian Shimwell
Length: 1 hr and 50 mins
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Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus


Titus Andronicus is believed to be Shakespeare's first tragedy and the revenge play is among the most violent and bloody of his canon. The story tells of a famous Roman general engaged in a cycle of revenge with his opponents. The version is abridged and adapted into plain English. This is a theatrical audio production by a full cast. It is completed with extensive interpretation including scene setting, the relationship between Titus Andronicus and Shakespeare's other works, interpretation of the key monologues and speeches of the play in Shakespearian language, detail on historical staging and study guide context, as well as details on this specific adaptation by the playwright Hazel Jeffs.  As such, this is a useful guide for anyone diving deeper into Shakespeare - whether as a student or an enthusiast. This version includes substantial additional material including analysis of the play, study guide questions, analysis of key questions, notes on historical staging, and how this play fits into the Shakespeare canon.

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Shakespeare For Kids - Richard II


Shakespeare for kids adapts the timeless works of Shakespeare into plain English for a younger audience. This story is that of the end of King Richard II's reign during the late 1300s. It is a story of plotting and power, and the first of Shakespeare's four plays about the house of Lancaster. This abridged version is targeted for a younger audience, toning down any violent scenes and presenting the narrative structure in plain English. King Richard banishes a potential rival and takes his land. The wealth seized is used to fund wars, but ultimately, in a reversal, King Richard is deposed by the very man he tried to banish. The production is shortened to under 15 minutes, enabling it to engage even younger listeners while preserving the key elements and structure of the plot. This is a fantastic introduction to the power of Shakespeare's classic works.

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Henry V - Full Cast, Abridged, Plain English


This abridged version of the Shakespeare classic Henry V is adapted and condensed to just over 20 minutes across five acts. It tells the story of the mature King Henry V and his defeat of the French at Agincourt despite being heavily outnumbered. Henry succeeds militarily in a country where he doesn't even speak the language. Henry also achieves success, but it has stark implications for his past friendships. That said, Henry V is among Shakespeare's less nuanced characters and the play arguably lacks the moral dilemmas featured elsewhere in the Shakespeare canon. This version is abridged and adapted, offering a condensed and simplified, yet full cast theatrical production version of the play, though two of King Henry's key speeches from the play are included in full in original Shakespearean language. This is an ideal introduction to Shakespeare for those less familiar with his works or for a younger audience.

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Wade of Aquitaine


Deep in the Dark Ages, with Vikings to the north and Aghlabid pirates to the south, a small flicker of the Roman Empire has been nurtured as an island of high civilization. Defeated Longobards scheme to bring it down from within.  If Byzantium falls 600 years too soon, nothing of Western civilization will survive to spark the Renaissance. Enter Wade Linwood of the 21st century. Suffering of crossed senses where scents can conjure objects and sights can call up tastes, he wants nothing but the ordinary life of an insurance underwriter.  When a trip to the acupuncturist opens an unused portal in his synesthete's brain, a plea from the past draws him to a time when he must save the remaining shreds of history to preserve his own. "Many would be lucky to write a whole series marked by the wit and gift for swashbuckling action and romance that Parris builds into his debut.... A sharply intelligent and energetic historical fantasy." (Kirkus Reviews)

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Author: Ben Parris
Length: 12 hrs and 9 mins
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A Proper Pub Quiz


Tired of things claiming to be a pub quiz when really they are just trivia? A Proper Pub Quiz is the perfect companion for those DIY pub quiz hosts. Lots of different categories to choose from - and now includes tiebreakers and killer rounds!  Show off your trivia knowledge anywhere....and don't forget your team name.

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Author: Alan Muse
Length: 4 hrs and 44 mins
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