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Pilgrim: The Winter Queen


Every year, on the winter solstice, the small town of Melcombe observes an annual custom, the roots and meaning of which are lost in the mists of time. A torchlit procession to the ancient tomb of Cairndale Knapp, overlooking the town, puts the old sun to bed and greets the new sun in the morning, restoring balance to the year.      This year, however, Mr Sam Notice has bought the Knapp and has set about landscaping it. And with the felling of an ancient yew tree, the roots and meaning of the old custom spring malevolently to life, as the Winter Queen is finally released from her prison and bent on revenge.      Told over the two days of the winter solstice - Pilgrim walks again between the worlds of magick and of men.  

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Pilgrim: The Collected Series 1-4

3 ratings


The first four series of the original BBC Radio 4 fantastical drama series set in a world almost, but not quite, like our own.

Paul Hilton stars as William Palmer, the immortal, reluctant and unthanked hero protecting mankind from an enemy they resist believing in: the Grey Folk.

Thrilling, dark and contemporary, the dramas are set in a recognisable present day but one haunted by the folktales of the British Isles: drowned villages, changeling children, werewolves and unruly nature spirits.

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Narrator: Paul Hilton
Length: 11 hrs and 42 mins
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Pilgrim: The Timbermoor Imp


Pilgrim walks again between the worlds of magick and of men in this eerie supernatural adventure. Fated to eternally walk the line between the worlds of faerie and men, reluctant hero Pilgrim finds himself facing an old adversary in this superbly uncanny two-parter. When he donates a priceless portrait to the struggling Timbermoor Museum to ensure it stays open, there's one particular shabby exhibit Pilgrim hopes to keep safe. So he's disconcerted to hear that the item in question, Cochrane's Boot, has got lost in transit. But someone has found it - and unleashed the spirit within it. Troubled teen Rabbit Owen has been shunned by the townsfolk since he unwittingly caused the death of his friend, but now, with the help of his 'auntie', it's payback time.... Meanwhile, guilt-ridden museum curator John Wayne pays a visit to the exclusive, elusive Grey Lodge Chalets, situated in an ancient grove deep in the heart of the woods. He needs to speak to one of the residents, but first he must deliver a tithe to the sinister supervisor, Mr Buttoner. John is willing to pay - but he has no idea how high the price will be. With the Timbermoor Imp, Sally Mop, liberated from her prison, Rabbit is riding high - and as Hallowe'en arrives and the locals prepare to gather around the Sun Stone for their annual celebrations, the stage is set for a much darker ritual. Can Pilgrim save John from a dance with death, turn Rabbit away from revenge and prevent a terrible sacrifice? Cast: William Palmer - Paul Hilton  John - Stefan Adegbola  Rabbit - Louis Jay Jordan  Amy - Charlotte East  Piper - Katie Redford  Vaughan - Luke Nunn  Eddie/Mr Buttoner - Roger Ringrose  Sally - Jane Whittenshaw  Janice - Ellie Piercy  Ginger - Emma Handy  Produced by Marc Beeby and directed by Jessica Dromgoole First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 23rd - 30th October 2020.

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The Fyodor Dostoevsky BBC Radio Drama Collection


BBC radio productions of Dostoevsky's masterpieces, plus selected shorter fiction and bonus programmes exploring his life and work. One of the most important and influential Russian writers of the 19th century, Fyodor Dostoevsky is admired worldwide for his great realist novels, exploring questions of morality, philosophy and the nature of existence. This compilation contains the BBC radio productions of his four most famous novels - as well as three lesser-known works and two bonus documentaries - collected together for the first time. Crime and Punishment - When he tests out a horrific theory, young Raskolnikov finds himself pursued by the cunning Investigator Porfiry Petrovich. This thrilling tale of guilt and redemption stars Barnaby Kay and Jim Norton. The Idiot - Arriving back in Russia after years spent abroad treating his epilepsy, Prince Mishkin learns the story of the woman who will dominate his life - the spoilt but captivating Nastasya.... Dostoevsky's most personal novel stars Paul Rhys, Roger Allam and Lia Williams. Devils - Idealism curdles into murderous anarchy in this fresh, contemporary three-part adaptation of Dostoevsky's terrifying masterpiece, starring Gary Lilburn, Jane Whittenshaw, Joseph Arkley and Jonathan Forbes. The Brothers Karamazov - The Karamazov family reunite for a meeting with their father to discuss Dmitry's inheritance. But the unpredictable Fyodor seems unwilling to play the game.... Stars Roy Marsden, Paul Hilton and Nicholas Boulton. The Friend of the Family - Russia, 1859 and the manor of Stephanchikovo is thrown into chaos when a former sergeant sets himself up as an arbiter of morals and taste. David Suchet and Clive Merrison star in this farcical comedy. 'Bobok' - Loitering in the cemetery after a funeral, a drunken writer overhears the conversations of the recently deceased corpses.... This blackly comic short story is performed by Boris Isarov. 'The Dream of a Ridiculous Man' - A study in music and words of Dostoevsky's vision of an idyllic, prelapsarian world. Read by Ronald Pickup. Dostoevsky and Dangerous Ideas - John Gray reflects on the lessons Dostoevsky's novels teach us about the perils of misguided idealism. Dr Rowan Williams on Dostoevsky - The onetime Archbishop of Canterbury joins Susan Hitch to consider conflicting ideas about spiritual regeneration and existentialism, as embodied in Dostoevsky's characters. First published 1859 (The Friend of the Family), 1866 (Crime and Punishment), 1869 (The Idiot), 1872 (Demons), 1873 ('Bobok'), 1877 ('The Dream of a Ridiculous Man'), 1880 (The Brothers Karamazov).

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Witness (Dramatised)


The gospel stories as you've never heard them before. Everyone knows the story of Jesus' life as told in the Gospels - and perhaps because it is so familiar, we have forgotten what an extraordinary life it was. Through these five plays, the story is pieced together as if from the memories of those who were there and saw events for themselves: Jesus' mother, Mary; his closest friends; the Jewish high priest; and the Roman governor.They recount the events they witnessed as if they had happened just the other day - and the effect on their own lives. How James and John first encountered Jesus by the lake; the three astonishing years of his ministry; his trial and ignominious death; the wholly unexpected resurrection; and finally, his mother Mary looks back to his obscure birth and the portents that accompanied it. And so the tale regains some of its freshness and even shocking nature. Each play is followed by a short interview feature, 'Witness: Behind Luke's Gospel', presented by Ernie Rea and examining the themes of Luke.Featured are Tom Goodman-Hill as Jesus, Paul Hilton as Judas, Peter Firth as Peter, and Penelope Wilton as Mary.

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Length: 4 hrs and 39 mins
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Pilgrim Series 5-7

1 rating


Paul Hilton stars as Pilgrim in the final three series of the award-winning BBC Radio 4 supernatural drama by Sebastian Baczkiewicz.

In 1185 William Palmer was making a pilgrimage to Canterbury. Unbeknown to him, his fellow pilgrim was the King of the Greyfolk. When William claimed that the church would eradicate belief in the Faerie world, he was cursed by the Faerie King and condemned to walk forever between the worlds of magic and of men.

In these three series, Pilgrim continues on his mission to preserve the uneasy balance between the two worlds and protect mankind from an enemy they resist believing in. His quests include searching for the Radiant Boy, a sinister harbinger of impending death; acquiring copper, silver and gold to rescue a group of people trapped in a mine by a malevolent spirit; and tracking down and punishing a former friend who has betrayed him. After so many centuries, will his curse be lifted and his wanderings finally come to an end?

Starring Paul Hilton as the immortal, reluctant and unthanked hero, this award-winning series weaves together ancient myths, magic and contemporary realism to create a dark, thrilling and enchanting fantasy epic that will stay with you long after Pilgrim's story ends. Duration: nine hours approx.

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Length: 9 hrs and 28 mins
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