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The Empath & The Narcissist: 2 Books in 1


The Empath & The Narcissist - 2 Books in 1 If you think you may be an empath…check out this empath survival guide! Do you feel like an emotional sponge that collects the emotions of everyone around? Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed in crowds?Do you seem to attract emotional abusers? It looks like you’re an empath. Things might be tough all over, but if you walk the often shaky ground of the empath, life might hit you harder…and could sink you deeper. If all the sad events and circumstances of the world wound you more than they bother your friends, then your special gift may require an inspirational and life-changing spiritual perspective on how to clear, shield, and manage your energy and to heal your greatest wounds. You could certainly become desperate from your lonely effort to protect your energy if you have no clue how. The perils of an empath aren’t exactly typical conversation. So where to turn for a clear and comprehensive explanation with a spiritual and metaphysical viewpoint on the care and feeding of the empath or highly sensitive person? The Empath & The Narcissist is the guide you have needed. It gives you tips and exercises to manage, clear and shield your energy from psychic attack and intrusion. This book will help you transform your empathic leanings into a positive force in your life. How to separate yourself from the energies and agendas of other people is not on the curriculum in most schools. The need for these tools may be acute if you have energy-sucking narcissists in your life. The Empath & The Narcissist gives you the help you need to transform into an energetic person who gifts others with your understanding and intuition while setting clear boundaries to maintain your own life force. In this refreshingly comprehensive, humorous, no-nonsense guide to becoming a happy empath, discover: How to figure out where you end and everyone else begins How to get grounded and release negative energy from your aura How to shield and protect your energy from other people’s toxic agendas How to adjust your work life to reduce psychic fatigue in the office How to deal with toxic relationships How to free yourself from with addictive, emotional eating If you have listened to dozens of books on being an empath or highly sensitive person without finding solutions that work, don’t give up at the finish line. The missing pieces covered in this book will help you become an energy master sooner than you think. Scroll to the top of the page and click the "buy now" button!

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Author: Emily Miller
Length: 6 hrs and 28 mins
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