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Codependent Why stop being codependent?  Surely, more than once you have wondered “how can I stop worrying so much about everyone else’s opinions?” But at the same time, you might feel afraid to find an answer and face it. Codependency is a set of emotions and attitudes that can lead you to manifest concern for the problems of another person with whom you are emotionally connected in an excessive, even inappropriate way, even leaving aside your own needs. All this is unhealthy.  Codependency is one of the biggest symptoms of having low self-esteem. You normally feel the need to please and be liked by others, you have a hard time expressing your feelings, and you feel afraid of being rejected or abandoned, among many other negative behaviors.  The audiobook Codependent, by Lara Carter, is a fabulous ally to discover if you are codependent. It also offers a series of healthy detachment strategies, which will help you put an end to codependency in your relationships, overcome the control others can have over you, increase your self-esteem, and finally, stop emotional abuse.  When you listen to the Codependent book, you will learn:  How to identify and define with clarity the characteristics of a codependent person Searching for the roots of codependency in your life  Find support in the right people. Start the codependency-recovering journey. How to build true and healthy relationships with family and friends  Act facing any relapse. Get motivated. Love yourself. Simply be you, live life to the fullest. The audiobook Codependent is an incredible guide that will allow you to know more about this interesting emotional condition, how to overcome it and increase your self-esteem, simply and enjoyably.  Don’t wait any longer, it is time to leave codependency behind! Start to live with a high self-esteem thanks to the help the Codependent audiobook can provide. Scroll to the top of the page and select the "Buy Now" button!

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