Cover art for Dark Psychology Secrets: Tricks to Influence and Manipulate People

Dark Psychology Secrets: Tricks to Influence and Manipulate People


Did you know that we all have the potential of duping other people using manipulative tactics and can as well be tricked by others using various secrets in dark psychology? Every human being has the potential to prey and victimize other humans and living creatures. Whereas many restrain from this tendency, there are those who act on these impulses/instincts. Dark psychology aspires to recognize such feelings, perceptions, and thoughts that bring about human predatory behavior. This audiobook tries to explain ways and secrets in dark psychology tactics that are used by individuals around us to influence, manipulate, and coerce others to get whatsoever they want. Here is just a tiny fraction of what you will discover: The brainwashing process Hypnosis and its application Manipulation Persuasion Deception Dark psychology is a science and art of mind control and manipulation. Each of the mind control techniques works in a different way. Brainwashing works to convince the subject to change their whole identity with the use of isolation, shaming and eventually offering a way to feel better, that conforms to the new desired identity. In the current world, dark psychology is among the most powerful forces used by the most influential persons that we have ever known.  Do not run the risks! This audiobook will help you understand and comprehend secrets of dark psychology widely and in a manner that will help you to overcome simple tactics employed. Is the audiobook worth your time? Yes! It is worth listening to this audiobook! Therefore, if you want to keep your life and mind under your control, then listen now!

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Narrator: Jordan Gunner
Length: 3 hrs and 10 mins
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