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Emotional Intelligence


If you want to learn about the different kind of intelligence that many corporations are using in their hiring assessments of potential candidates, then this audiobook, Emotional Intelligence, is the audiobook that is a must-have to help you begin your journey in learning how to develop your emotional intelligence. Emotional Intelligence, also known as EQ or EI, is a person having the aptitude and the ability to recognize, understand and manage their emotions as well as recognize, understand and influence the emotions of others. Our emotions can motivate our behavior, as well as affect people either positively or negatively. It is how to become knowledgeable in coping with our emotions and the emotions of others. This is particularly important when our emotions are under stress. This audiobook is a guide to those who are beginners in comprehending and developing emotional intelligence. You may already have innate emotional awareness and emotional intelligence, yet never identified what you have within your psyche. As you listen through the chapters and each characteristic is explained, you may then be able to connect to each of these aspects of emotional intelligence with yourself. There are a number of qualities that make up emotional intelligence. Some people have an abundance of these qualities, while others lack many and do not have the ability to recognize how their decisions, reactions, and interactions with others can be inappropriate because of the inability to acknowledge or connect with their emotions. This audiobook will give you the information you need to understand how important it is to incorporate emotional intelligence into your life to develop a better understanding of your inner self, your emotions, how your actions can be driven by them, as well as how they can affect others around you. Some of the highlights of Emotional Intelligence are: The emotional intelligence test at the end of the audiobook. Take the test and see what range your emotional intelligence is How taking an emotional intelligence test is one of the first steps to establish how emotionally intelligent you are How your professional life can be hampered if you do not have control over your emotions, and they not only affect your productivity but the productivity of our coworkers How our interpersonal relationships with our significant other, family, and friends can be enhanced when we not only recognize how we feel and react emotionally, but how we can recognize how they feel and react because of their emotions as well How having empathy is one of the core factors in being able to put ourselves in the place of others and try to understand how they’re feeling and why they feel as they do And more...

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Narrator: Chris Lynch
Author: Daniel Clark
Length: 3 hrs and 11 mins
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