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Loving the Self Affirmations

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This is my second book of affirmations. I am a life coach who specializes in helping wounded adult children from dysfunctional homes move beyond their childhood brainwashing, so they can manifest beyond the limiting templates they were taught to believe were real. My agenda is to create a movement among wounded others that allows them to understand that until they confront the templates that were created through innocuous brainwashing as children, they will live their lives unaware as to their true potential, like robots on autopilot. The affirmations in this book were created to work like missiles that go to the core of dysfunctional templates, which serve to help the brain reorganize what information it has stored in its memory bank as truth. Once a being is able to understand what thoughts are incorrect, the prefrontal cortex of the brain gets activated. The prefrontal cortex is where all logical reasoning takes place. As the brain digests the affirmations in this book, the CEO of the brain goes to work like magic. As time marches on, the person who is hearing these affirmations begins to think above and beyond the old templates and undergoes great paradigm shifts.

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