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Mindful Relationship Habits

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If you want to build a deeper connection with your spouse or partner, then keep reading.... Mindful Relationship Habits: The Most Important Principles to Improve Your Relationship and Grow Reciprocal Empathy is your complete guide to the ancient practice of mindfulness and what it can do to make your relationship more passionate, intimate, and committed today. This book will show you how to reconnect with your partner and rediscover what brought you together in the first place. It can also help you get a lot more out of your daily life, which will help make your relationship more vibrant and filled with joy. Mindful Relationship Habits includes: How relationships get in trouble Warning signs of a breakup How the “fight or flight” instinct causes conflicts to escalate What “flooding” is and how to stop it How to step back from the brink in an argument with your partner What mindfulness is and how it can improve your relationship Basic mindfulness exercises you can do today Eight mindful relationship habits to cultivate What empathy is and how to cultivate it How to be mindful about your own emotions Understanding your partner’s perspective What active listening is and how to do it The power of radical acceptance Overcoming barriers to acceptance Productive and unproductive conflict How to make your relationship more playful How to spice up your sex life with mindful sexuality How to create a shared relationship vision Prioritizing your relationship with couple meetings Using shared rituals to build meaning together Mindful Relationship Habits is filled with useful information about how problems develop in relationships and how to get past those problems using mindfulness. The exercises in this book will help you reduce anxiety and stress, enjoy your life more, and become closer to your partner in every way.

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