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Sacred Enneagram Journey


If you want to finally discover yourself and figure out your true personality type…but don’t know where to begin…then keep reading this very important message.... Growing up, I’ve struggled with wearing different personality masks.  I still remember days where my classmates would call me a weirdo as I was acting so different every single time.  One day, I was a conservative person and the next day, I would act crazy.  And the worst part was that I didn’t even realize this was happening, until my best friend brought it to my attention.  That was when reality hit me.  I realized in that very moment that unless I find my real self and discover my true personality type.... There was a very good chance that I would never be able to enjoy healthy, happy, and meaningful relationships.  So the next morning…I woke up like a girl on a mission.  I looked at all the research I could find that could give me clues to my real personality.  I kept on pushing for hours, and just when I was about to give up.... I stumbled upon this secret that would be responsible for helping me find my true type and finally be myself.  Inside Sacred Enneagram Journey, you’ll discover: Why your gift is also your curse…and how human beings are actually wired What to understand about the different enneagram types…and how to use it for self discovery An ultimate guide for spiritual growth…plus understanding yourself and your loved ones better Why there is much more than nine types in the enneagram…and what all of them mean Secrets for using the enneagram to discover your real self and let your true colors shine … and many, many more! I have seen this method work for thousands of people all across the world. And that is how I know that the methods inside this book really works for discovering yourself. So if you want to finally discover your true personality type, and let your true colors shine bright, get this audiobook now! P.S. I hope it has even a fraction of an impact on your life that it has had on mine, because the information you’re about to discover has forever changed my life.

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