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Studying Techniques


Students! Discover the studying techniques that will cut your learning curve in half (no, it's not cheating). Have you ever done one of those things? You studied for more than 3 hours' straight You tried to learn new things without taking a rest You locked yourself in your room on a Friday night because you were too scared of an upcoming exam You blacked out on an exam You read the same page again and again without understanding anything You failed an exam because of time, not because of lack of knowledge If so, this book is exactly for you! Since first grade, you're bombarded with facts, formulas, historical events, and long, long books that you should learn from. But in some, paradoxical, bizarre way, no one has ever stopped and thought about the funny, overlooked fact: No one has ever showed you how to study effectively. Can't see the forest for the trees! In this important book, you will get the most comprehensive methods for studying and learning, insanely increasing your grades and saving tons of time banging your head against the wall, trying to study complicated, new things.  Here's what you get in Studying Techniques: Reveal the brilliant tricks to overcome the fear of exams Discover what is your unique learning style, and use it to learn better Get the ultimate speed reading guide to double your reading speed Expose shocking memory improvement methods to remember EVERYTHING you need to Overcome distractions, anxieties, stress in school, and much, much more!  You can learn the hard way, or you can learn the smart way! Click on "buy now" and make Studying 10 times easier.

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