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The Best of Les Brown Audio Collection

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Study the science of achievement through the wisdom of the world's leading motivational speaker, Les Brown. In this collection of live keynote speeches, Les Brown's straight-from-the-heart approach will change your belief in what you can achieve. This popular collection of audio recordings includes Les Brown's most powerful speeches. You'll have unlimited access to his timeless insights and discover how to live the life of your dreams. You have greatness within you; it merely takes persistence to let it unfold. Feeding your mind with Les Brown's unique brand of positive motivation will empower you to shed your excuses and unwrap your greatness. Through this extraordinary collection, you will learn the importance of attitude, setting goals, and creating a powerful personal vision to guide you on your journey. With the tools you'll gain in this program, your life of greatness is just one step away.

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Diamonds and Devils


Diamonds and Devils is a story of the life of Roger Holt, who grew up as a gay boy with an evangelical pastor father and later became a minister in a predominately LGBTQ congregation. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes disturbing, but always engaging, Roger's story takes the listener through a life of discovery and challenges. It explores finding and losing religion.  When the elderly preacher father shows up with dementia at his grown, gay son’s doorstep, there are shattering revelations. Will they create the final breach in the family, bring ultimate healing, or are some things never resolved? This book is essential for anyone who has had a troubling childhood or is struggling with coming out. It is also a must-listen for anyone wanting to follow a fast-moving, fascinating life and story. Told with frequent humor, sensitivity, and candor, it's a most intriguing story of human relationships and forgiveness.  This may be the most compelling, heartwarming story you will listen to about coming of age as LGBTQ in America.

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Length: 6 hrs and 10 mins
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