Cover art for The Wicked Crush

The Wicked Crush


Dr. Aalizabeth Hicks doesn’t believe in love or long-term relationships. She has tried both and failed miserably at each. 

The beautiful African American physician isn't interested in finding or keeping a husband. She simply wants to go clubbing, drink lots of tequila, and date inappropriate men who do not speak a bit of English. 

Aalizabeth never learned a second language, but she sees that as a benefit. The only thing she desires from a man is a good time without lots of conversation. 

This suits her just fine until she develops a wicked crush on a tall Latin stranger.

©2017 Elizabeth Griffin (P)2019 Elizabeth Griffin

Narrator: Gomez Pugh
Length: 2 hrs and 18 mins
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Cover art for The Temporary Mistress

The Temporary Mistress


Marla Kensington is a young, attractive comedian with the ability to make people laugh. It's her gift - her talent. But, what does she do when she meets a man - a man who cannot even see the simple humor in a funny joke - who refuses to smile?  Beau Brenton is a recent widower who has very little reason to laugh. His wife died unexpectedly, and now he is raising their infant son. Every morning is a struggle for the strikingly handsome father. And, every day brings him closer to the reality that he is all alone. How is he suppose to cope without a wife? What does he know about taking care of a baby? And, when will the pain go away? Beau Brenton is lost and confused. His heart has been broken, and his mind is numb until he encounters a bold, beautiful woman telling jokes on a street corner. 

©2016 Elizabeth Griffin (P)2019 Elizabeth Griffin

Narrator: Hugh Bradley
Length: 5 hrs and 52 mins
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Cover art for The Notorious Bachelor

The Notorious Bachelor


The entire world is tweeting about Bryce Carson. He is the 23-year-old virgin from Tennessee who speaks with a slight Southern accent and still keeps to the genteel manners of a Confederate gentleman. Hashtag: sexiest man in Hollywood The Oscar nominee refuses to discuss his private life with the press. He owes the public no explanation for the secret pact he made with his two younger brothers. Hashtag: most notorious member of the V-club The tabloid papers cannot stop writing about Riley Madison. She is the sizzling-hot country singer from Philadelphia who is making headline news with her scandalous love life and her string of never-ending boyfriends. Hashtag: breaking all the rules The beautiful African American entertainer makes no apologies for her lifestyle. She owes the world no answers. Hashtag: baddest chick in country music Bryce and Riley are the exact opposites. They have absolutely nothing in common. He is looking for a good wife. She is searching for an amorous lover. When their paths cross briefly, sparks fly. The sensuality between the two is undeniable, but is it strong enough to overcome their differences? Hashtag: a must-hear 

©2017 Elizabeth Griffin (P)2018 Elizabeth Griffin

Narrator: Connor Brown
Length: 4 hrs and 46 mins
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Cover art for The Dangerous Invitation

The Dangerous Invitation


Fury Carson hates weddings. He despises the gaudy show of wealth that often reveals itself in the most outlandish ways. The teen billionaire isn't a fan of the horse drawn carriages with Cinderella themes or the musical performances by a bride and groom that usually rival an over-budget music video. Fury is the youngest of the three Carson brothers. He has vowed to remain celibate until his wedding night. However, one look at the reckless and untamed Meghan Johnson has him questioning his decision. Each moment in her presence makes keeping his promise unbearable. The sexy, handsome Southerner hadn’t planned on getting married. He hadn't been willing to take the matrimonial plunge until a very beautiful and confused Meghan entered his life.

©2017 Elizabeth Griffn (P)2018 Elizabeth Griffn

Narrator: Connor Brown
Length: 2 hrs and 38 mins
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Cover art for NIARA: In One Summer a Young Girl Could Lose It All....

NIARA: In One Summer a Young Girl Could Lose It All....


Book 1 of The Urban Girl Series The world of 16-year-old Niara Saunders just reached maximum overload. If one more family secret revealed itself, she just might scream. How much reality could one girl take? She wasn't starring in her own teen documentary where drama guaranteed high ratings and unlimited Access Hollywood exposure. This was her life and it had been very ordinary until recently - bad things just didn’t happen to her. She listened to her elders. She avoided the catastrophes of peer-pressure. And, the only boy she’d ever kissed had been in her first grade class.  Niara planned to continue living that life, but then things changed.... NIARA, is a coming of age story set in the inner city of Philadelphia. It is a young adult novel written in a playful manner. It is a must-listen for teenage girls and boys.

©2000 Elizabeth Griffin (P)2019 Elizabeth Griffin

Length: 5 hrs and 31 mins
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Cover art for A Black Christmas

A Black Christmas


Book 2 of A Concrete Romance A Black Christmas is a sweet, innocent novella. Professor Adkins is a film instructor at a local community college in a large urban city. She has been deeply hurt by love and doesn't want to commit her heart to another relationship until Nile Ngugi, an African film major, catches her attention. Now, the attractive young teacher is reconsidering her position on love and dating during the loneliest time of the year. Will her heart be broken again? Or will the holiday season give her a gift she can't resist?

©2015 Elizabeth Griffin (P)2018 Elizabeth Griffin

Narrator: Sloane Richards
Length: 42 mins
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