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The Ministry of Bodies


Life and death in a modern hospital, from 'poet-physician' Seamus O'Mahony, the award-winning author of The Way We Die Now and Can Medicine Be Cured? Seamus O'Mahony charts the realities of work in the 'ministry of bodies', that huge complex where people come to be cured and to die. From unexpected deaths to moral quandaries and bureaucratic disasters, O'Mahony documents life in the halls and wards that all of us will visit at some point in our lives with his characteristic wit and dry and unsentimental intelligence. Absurd general emails, vain and self-promoting specialists, the relentless parade of self-destructive drinkers and drug users, the comical expectations of baffled patients: this is not a conventional medical memoir, but the collective biography of one of our great modern institutions - the general hospital - through the eyes of a brilliant writer, who happens to be a gifted doctor.

©2021 Seamus O'Mahony (P)2021 Head of Zeus

Narrator: Aidan Kelly
Length: 7 hrs and 9 mins
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NIARA: In One Summer a Young Girl Could Lose It All....


Book 1 of The Urban Girl Series The world of 16-year-old Niara Saunders just reached maximum overload. If one more family secret revealed itself, she just might scream. How much reality could one girl take? She wasn't starring in her own teen documentary where drama guaranteed high ratings and unlimited Access Hollywood exposure. This was her life and it had been very ordinary until recently - bad things just didn’t happen to her. She listened to her elders. She avoided the catastrophes of peer-pressure. And, the only boy she’d ever kissed had been in her first grade class.  Niara planned to continue living that life, but then things changed.... NIARA, is a coming of age story set in the inner city of Philadelphia. It is a young adult novel written in a playful manner. It is a must-listen for teenage girls and boys.

©2000 Elizabeth Griffin (P)2019 Elizabeth Griffin

Length: 5 hrs and 31 mins
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Can Medicine Be Cured?


A fierce, honest, elegant and often hilarious debunking of the great fallacies that drive modern medicine. Seamus O'Mahony writes about the illusion of progress, the notion that more and more diseases can be 'conquered' ad infinitum. He punctures the idiocy of consumerism, the idea that healthcare can be endlessly adapted to the wishes of individuals. He excoriates the claims of Big Science, the spending of vast sums on research follies like the Human Genome Project. And he highlights one of the most dangerous errors of industrialized medicine: an over-reliance on metrics and a neglect of things that can't easily be measured, like compassion.

©2019 Seamus O'Mahony (P)2019 Head of Zeus

Narrator: Brian Walsh
Length: 7 hrs and 30 mins
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