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Get to the Point!

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In Joel's Schwartzberg's 10-plus years as a strategic communications trainer, the biggest obstacle he's come across - one that connects directly to nervousness, stammering, rambling, and epic fail - is that most speakers and writers don't have a point. They typically have just a title, a theme, a topic, an idea, an assertion, a catchphrase, or even something much less. A point is something more. It's a contention you can propose, argue, defend, illustrate, and prove. A point offers a position of potential value. "Global warming is real" is not a point. "Scientific evidence shows that global warming is a real, human-generated problem that will have a devastating environmental and financial impact" is a point. When we have a point, our influence snaps into place. We communicate belief, conviction, and urgency. This book shows you how to identify your point, leverage it, stick to it, and sell it and how to train others to identify and successfully make their own points.

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Narrator: Jeff Hoyt
Length: 1 hr and 53 mins
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The 40-Year-Old Version


In a very funny and endearing collection of personal essays, award-winning and nationally-published writer Joel Schwartzberg shares stories of his ever-evolving, self-defining dadhood. The 40-Year-Old Version is a great read or listen for any parent, particularly dads trying to sharpen their role and looking for insight through hysterical, heartbreaking, and heroic example. The essays are short and sharp, and many have been previously published in major newspapers and magazines including The New York Times Magazine, Newsweek, New Jersey Monthly, The New York Post, The Star Ledger, and

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Length: 2 hrs and 45 mins
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Small Things Considered


The second collection of personal essays from award-winning and nationally-published author and essayist Joel Schwartzberg examines a variety of tiny obsessions and observations about modern life through the comic perspective of a remarried dad and pop culture junkie. Thirty-six hysterical, heroic, and haunting short pieces sum up a half-lifetime's worth of experiences that range from relatable and reassuring to funny and fervent, and one extolling a certain 70's pop icon that really depends on how you feel about the guy.

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Length: 2 hrs and 44 mins
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