Cover art for Thug in Me

Thug in Me


Raised in a single-parent household in the Springdale Projects, Chance found a way out. He has graduated from college, landed a job, purchased a home, and has a beautiful girlfriend named Toi. And he did it all the legal way. Chance is nothing like his homeboy, Calhoun, a drug-selling deadbeat who won’t get his life together, not even for his two kids.  Chance’s life changes in an instant when he is falsely accused of murder and sent to prison. He loses everything - his job, his home, his girlfriend, his mother, and almost his mind. A victim of a cover-up and a corrupt prison system, Chance is subjected to attacks by prison guards and inmates, sexual abuse, and too many run-ins with death to count. The only good thing in Chance’s world is his pen pal, Deyja, who is dealing with her own painful past. He looks forward to her mail and finds himself falling in love. When he is released from prison after seven years, he finds Deyja, but he does not reveal his true identity, for fear that she will want no part of an ex-convict. Unaware that he is her former pen pal, Deyja is falling for this thug whose touch and lovemaking she just can’t get enough of. When old friends Toi and Calhoun come back into the picture, explosive secrets are revealed, threatening to tear apart everything. Will Chance and Deyja move forward together, or will the past destroy them?

©2011 Karen Williams (P)2021 Blackstone Publishing and Urban Audiobooks, LLC

Length: 6 hrs and 29 mins
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Sweet Giselle


Giselle thinks she has the perfect life. Her fine and sexy husband, Giovanni, is obsessed with his perfect wife and gives her whatever her heart desires. Giselle thinks her husband can do no wrong. What she doesn’t know is that his lucrative adult film company is not as legit as it seems, and Giovanni’s seedy dealings put his precious wife in danger. Giselle is kidnapped by a vicious drug dealer named Bryce, who is hell-bent on revenge after his sister comes up missing and he believes Giovanni is responsible. Bryce takes the thing he knows Giovanni treasures most. He plans to torture Giselle, but instead he finds himself falling in love with her. He reveals the truth about Giovanni, and the news pushes her right into Bryce’s arms. Giovanni wages a war against Bryce and anyone close to him, leaving several dead bodies in his wake. Now that he has his wife back, Giovanni thinks things can return to the way they were. Giselle, however, can’t get Bryce out of her system and continues to see him behind Giovanni’s back. As the war between these two men heats up again, Giselle has to decide if being with the man she loves is worth risking her life.

©2012 Karen Williams (P)2020 Blackstone Publishing and Urban Audiobooks, LLC

Narrator: Samantha Moon
Length: 8 hrs and 15 mins
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Dirty to the Grave


Follow the highs and lows of Cha, Goldie, and Red, who come together for fun, laughs, and sometimes treachery in Long Beach, California. For these three ladies, survival was always about getting over by using lies, deceit, and sex. But when a plan goes dangerously wrong, Cha and Goldie take a step back out of the life. Cha desperately wants to rid herself of the demons of her past so she can at least feel normal enough to raise her son, Omari. Goldie ain’t feeling the hood life anymore. She’s tired of going from man to man and knows her parents are rolling over in their graves at the life she chose for herself. Red craves the streets, and she’ll cross anyone, friends included, to get what she wants. She steps deeper in the game, making her dirtier than she already is - so dirty that she will betray both Cha and Goldie, leading to horrifying consequences. Dirty to the Grave goes harder than Karen Williams has ever gone, with an explosive ending that will shock you and make you wonder: Are your friends really your friends? They say life is hard from the cradle to the grave, and once you think people can’t get any dirtier, they do!

©2019 Blackstone Publishing and Urban Audiobooks, LLC (P)2019 Urban Audiobooks

Narrator: Sheva Thomas
Length: 4 hrs and 33 mins
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Cover art for Around the Way Girls 7

Around the Way Girls 7


There's a saying that if you're from my part of town, you're from around the way. Following in the footsteps of its successful predecessors, Around the Way Girls Seven showcases three popular Urban Books authors and their versions of some very tough, street-smart girls. Nina and Mouse are a couple just trying to survive the hater nation. Only problem is Nina's a little paranoid when it comes to other women, and Mouse is usually guilty as charged. Fed up with Mouse's cheating, Nina begins to creep a little herself, but will her revenge blow up in her face? Diamond hates her messed-up life, her sorry-behind county recipient daddy, and his broke, crack-smoking girlfriend. Most of all, Diamond hates her mother, who didn't love her enough to stick around. But there are two sides to every story, and Diamond is about to hear the other side to hers. Homegirls Whakelah, LaShawn, and Misha have big dreams to make it out of Webster Projects. There was a time their bond seemed unbreakable, but now that Misha has found love and a ticket to the big time, her friends want to go along for the ride. How far are they willing to go to chase that paper?

©2009 Chunichi, Karen P. Williams, and B. L. U. N. T. (P)2017 Blackstone Publishing, and Urban Audiobooks

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