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The Art of Gathering

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"Hosts of all kinds, this is a must-read!" (Chris Anderson, owner and curator of TED) From the host of the New York Times podcast Together Apart, an exciting new approach to how we gather that will transform the ways we spend our time together - at home, at work, in our communities, and beyond.  In The Art of Gathering, Priya Parker argues that the gatherings in our lives are lackluster and unproductive - which they don't have to be. We rely too much on routine and the conventions of gatherings when we should focus on distinctiveness and the people involved. At a time when coming together is more important than ever, Parker sets forth a human-centered approach to gathering that will help everyone create meaningful, memorable experiences, large and small, for work and for play.  Drawing on her expertise as a facilitator of high-powered gatherings around the world, Parker takes us inside events of all kinds to show what works, what doesn't, and why. She investigates a wide array of gatherings - conferences, meetings, a courtroom, a flash-mob party, an Arab-Israeli summer camp - and explains how simple, specific changes can invigorate any group experience.  The result is a book that's both journey and guide, full of exciting ideas with real-world applications. The Art of Gathering will forever alter the way you look at your next meeting, industry conference, dinner party, and backyard barbecue - and how you host and attend them. 

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Author: Priya Parker
Length: 9 hrs and 21 mins
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Hungry Hearts

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Sixteen innovators, creatives, and thought leaders - Austin Channing Brown, Sue Monk Kidd, and Luvvie Ajayi Jones, among others - share intimate stories of uncovering beauty and potential through moments of fear, loss, heartbreak, and uncertainty. Over the course of four years, the traveling love rally called Together Live brought together diverse storytellers for epic evenings of laughter, music, and hard-won wisdom to huge audiences across the country. Well-known womxn (and the occasional man) from all walks of life shared their most vulnerable truths in a radical act of love, paving the way for healing in the face of adversity. Now, off the stage and on the pages of Hungry Hearts, 16 of these beloved speakers offer moving, inspiring, deeply personal essays as a reminder that we can heal from grief and that divisions can be repaired. Bozoma Saint John opens herself up to love after loss; Cameron Esposito confronts the limits of self-reliance in the wake of divorce; Ashley C. Ford learns to trust herself for the first time. A heartfelt anthology of transformation, self-discovery, and courage that also includes essays by Luvvie Ajayi Jones, Amena Brown, Austin Channing Brown, Natalie Guerrero, Sue Monk Kidd, Connie Lim (MILCK), Nkosingiphile Mabaso, Jillian Mercado, Priya Parker, Geena Rocero, Michael Trotter and Tanya-Blount Trotter of The War and Treaty, and Maysoon Zayid, Hungry Hearts shows how reconnecting with our own burning, undeniable intuition points us toward our unique purpose and the communities where we most belong. Audiobook Table of Contents: Introduction by Jennifer Rudolph Walsh, read by the author "Women on the Loose" by Sue Monk Kidd, read by Cassandra Campbell  "Reaching for Ambition" by Austin Channing Brown, read by Nicole Lewis  "Making Room" by Ashley C. Ford, read by Shayna Small  "The Freedom of Me" by Tanya Blount-Trotter, read by the author "Period Playlist" by Amena Brown, read by the author "On the Horrors of Fitting In" by Cameron Esposito, read by the author "The View" by Michael Trotter, Jr., read by the author "That Traveling Heat" by Connie Lim (MILCK), read by the author "Flying Free" by Jillian Mercado, read by Frankie Corzo  "My Funny Valentine" by Maysoon Zayid, read by the author "Wake Up, Love" by Bozoma Saint John, read by the author "Lucy, Full of Life" by Geena Rocero, read by the author "Choosing Love" by Nkosingiphile Mabaso, read by the author "When Sisterhood Ends" by Luvvie Ajayi Jones, read by the author "The Wisdom of a Group and the Wisdom of the Self" by Priya Parker, read by Soneela Nankani  "On Silence" by Natalie Guerrero, read by the author Epilogue by Jennifer Rudolph Walsh, read by the author About the Contributors read by Frankie Corzo

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Powers of Darkness


Powers of Darkness is an incredible literary discovery. In 1900, Icelandic publisher and writer Valdimar Asmundsson set out to translate Bram Stoker's world-famous 1897 novel Dracula.  Called Makt Myrkranna (literally, 'Powers of Darkness'), this Icelandic edition included an original preface written by Stoker himself. Makt Myrkranna was published in Iceland in 1901 but remained undiscovered outside of the country until 1986, when Dracula scholarship was astonished by the discovery of Stoker's preface to the book.  However, no one looked beyond the preface and deeper into Asmundsson's story. In 2014, literary researcher Hans de Roos dove into the full text of Makt Myrkranna, only to discover that Asmundsson hadn't merely translated Dracula but had penned an entirely new version of the story, with all new characters and a totally reworked plot. The resulting narrative is one that is shorter, punchier, more erotic, and perhaps even more suspenseful than Stoker's Dracula.  Incredibly, Makt Myrkranna has never been translated or even read outside of Iceland until now. Powers of Darkness presents the first ever translation into English of Stoker and Asmundsson's Makt Myrkranna. With a foreword by Dacre Stoker, Bram Stoker's great-grandnephew and best-selling author, and an afterword by Dracula scholar John Edgar Browning, Powers of Darkness will amaze and entertain legions of fans of Gothic literature, horror, and vampire fiction. PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase this title, the accompanying reference material will be available in your Library section along with the audio.

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