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World in My Eyes: The Autobiography

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Richard Blade’s autobiography is much more than a spotlight on any one decade. Instead, he gives you a jaw-dropping, uncensored insider’s look into the world of music, movies, and television and its biggest stars, starting in the '60s and continuing through to the new century. Richard takes you on a journey that few have experienced, from his early days as a student at Oxford to the wild, lascivious nights of being a disco DJ touring the clubs of Europe to coming to America and working with Michael Jackson, Barbra Streisand, and Sarah Jessica Parker and finally breaking through into the LA radio scene and becoming the number one morning drive personality in California.  From his TV and radio shows to his feature films and live gigs, Richard shares stories that have, until now, remained secret. His unique perspective will take you on the road with Depeche Mode to Australia with Spandau Ballet into the recording studio with Morrissey and onto the main stage at Live Aid with Duran Duran. He opens up about his friendships with Michael Hutchence and George Michael, as well as his passionate love affair with Terri Nunn of Berlin.  This is a no-holds-barred look at life, sex, and death, set to a pulsing backbeat of music. For the first time, Richard Blade shares his extraordinary story, allowing us to see the world through his eyes. The audiobook is not only read by Richard Blade but features a full cast of voices of many of the superstar acts featured in Richard's previously untold stories, including Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, Spandau Ballet, and Terri Nunn of Berlin. It is a unique and extraordinary audio experience.

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Length: 16 hrs and 34 mins
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A shocking discovery in a Native American burial ground in present-day North Carolina reveals a history-changing link to ancient Rome. In 55 B.C. the Roman Senate orders their most honored general, Demetrius Varinica, to cease mourning his wife and return to Rome to lead a fleet on an ill-fated invasion. The general and a handful of survivors from the devastated Fifteenth Legion wash up on an unknown shore and find themselves in a terrifying new world where every moment is a battle to stay alive. Befriended by a peaceful tribe, these hardened warriors learn a different way of life, existing with nature, without war, without fighting. But even as a new day dawns, a terrifying evil falls upon the land and confronts Demetrius with an unthinkable choice, honor his oath, and return with his men to Rome or remain in this strange country and pick up his sword once again to face impossible odds in a desperate attempt to save the lives of these gentle people and the woman who has won his heart.

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Birthright: Pray Your Past Stays Hidden


Jack the Ripper’s final murder in 1888 took the life of the wrong woman and spawned a centuries-long secret search for the real intended victim and her family. Now, a direct descendant - a troubled teen - has been located in California, and authorities will stop at nothing to capture him and finally eradicate the last of Mary Kelly’s bloodline. Aided by the professor who found him, and his young assistant, the three are hunted mercilessly as they flee across two continents, seeking to save themselves and unravel the mystery of why the boy’s very existence threatens the global balance of power.

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Narrator: Richard Blade
Length: 7 hrs and 15 mins
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