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A Tap on the Window

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International best-selling author Linwood Barclay delivers pulse-pounding suspense that puts him among the masters of the genre. A Tap on the Window finds private investigator Cal Weaver making an ill-advised decision to pick up a young female hitchhiker who reminds him of his dead son. But something is off about the girl, and Cal is soon drawn into a host of nightmarish secrets.

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Length: 12 hrs and 15 mins
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Eat, Move, Think

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Eat, Move, Think is the essential guide to living a longer, more active, and more fulfilled life - full of answers to your most pressing health and wellness questions. Doctors everywhere have the same goal: healthier and happier lives for their patients. And yet, no two medical professionals give the same advice. How much coffee is too much? What’s better for your fitness: cardio or weights? What is mindfulness, and how can you practice it? Finally, there are answers to all of those questions and more. Eat, Move, Think breaks down the fundamentals of living a long and healthy life into three sections: nutrition, physical activity, and mental health. Francis addresses the questions that we all grapple with: How much meat should I eat? Is it okay to sit all day if I work out afterwards? How does sleep affect my mental health?  Drawing upon the expert advice of world-renowned doctors and medical professionals, this book captures the innovative strategies of the world’s highest performers - Navy SEALs, cutting-edge researchers, professional athletes - in one handy guide to everyday healthy living. Honest, straightforward, and accessible, Eat, Move, Think will empower and educate you, teaching you the simple, achievable steps you can take to transform your health and your life.

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Narrator: Josh Goodman
Length: 5 hrs and 12 mins
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