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La noche en la zona M [The Night in Zone M]


En un mundo distópico futurista, la civilización como la conocemos ha caído, la Ciudad de México también, y se ha dividido en un conjunto de reinos que mantienen una paz frágil e intentan sobrevivir aprovechando los restos de la tecnología de otra época. En el reino del Centro vive Sita, una adolescente que se ocupa, junto con su abuela Lucina, de mantener las comunicaciones del Fuerte, la base del cacique local. Ambas viven con Celeste: la conciencia de una mujer que conoció los tiempos antiguos y ahora está almacenada en una computadora. Cuando Sita se entera de los planes que tienen para ella, decide emprender una huida hacia un lugar mejor, pero en el camino se topará con amenazas peligrosas de las que nadie ha escapado vivo.   Please note: This audiobook is in Spanish. 

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Length: 8 hrs and 21 mins
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Who Do You Serve, Who Do You Protect?


What is the reality of policing in the United States? Do the police keep anyone safe and secure other than the very wealthy? How do recent police killings of young Black people in the United States fit into the historical and global context of anti-blackness?  This collection of reports and essays (the first collaboration between Truthout and Haymarket Books) explores police violence against Black, Brown, Indigenous, and other marginalized communities, miscarriages of justice, and failures of token accountability and reform measures. It also makes a compelling and provocative argument against calling the police.  Contributions cover a broad range of issues including the killing by police of Black men and women, police violence against Latino and Indigenous communities, law enforcement's treatment of pregnant people and those with mental illness, and the impact of racist police violence on parenting, as well as specific stories such as a Detroit police conspiracy to slap murder convictions on young Black men using police informants and the failure of Chicago's much-touted Independent Police Review Authority, the body supposedly responsible for investigating police misconduct. The title Who Do You Serve, Who Do You Protect? is no mere provocation: The book also explores alternatives for keeping communities safe. Contributors include William C. Anderson, Candice Bernd, Aaron Cantú, Thandi Chimurenga, Ejeris Dixon, Adam Hudson, Victoria Law, Mike Ludwig, Sarah Macaraeg, and Roberto Rodriguez.

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She's on Air


Inspired by real-life experiences, She’s on Air tells the story of two best friends just out of grad school trying to make it in television news. Emma Lowe and Isabella Speranza are both ambitious, talented, and more than a little bit anxious about working in TV, but they go about their career paths in totally different ways. Emma, the scrappy blonde who wants to be on air, follows her journalism professor’s advice and leaves New York for a job at a small-town station in Mississippi. Isabella, the privileged dark-haired daughter of a telenovela actress, opts to work her way up the ladder behind the scenes at National News Network in Manhattan. As the two rise up the ranks, they clash professionally and romantically and run up against some #MeToo obstacles on their way to (possible) TV superstardom. 

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Length: 6 hrs and 52 mins
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