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Movement for Self-Healing


Born blind and declared incurably blind after a series of childhood operations left him with only a slight ability to discern light and shadow, Meir Schneider remained convinced that his handicap was not permanent. As a teenager, he began work with two teachers who gave him exercises and techniques to reverse his blindness. Within four years, he had gained a remarkable degree of vision and began to develop a system of therapeutic exercise combining movement, breathing, and mental imagery. He also began working with people whose physical problems ranged from chronic headaches to polio and muscular dystrophy, inspiring them with his example, enthusiasm, and faith. Miraculous recoveries ensued.  Sections in the audiobook give specific guidelines for back problems, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, breathing, eye problems, and muscular dystrophy. Movement for Self-Healing parallels the stories of Schneider and the people he has worked with, detailing his holistic methods of stimulating the natural healing powers of the body, offering a practical guide to specific exercises, and articulating a profound message of inspiration and hope. 

©2018 Meir Schneider (P)2019 Meir Schneider

Narrator: Arya Kamangar
Length: 9 hrs and 44 mins
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