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Scripting the Past


Declan lives in the shadows helping deliver people out of the worst moments of their lives. After his military career ended, he joined a team in a foreign land putting the most lethal skills in his toolbox to best use, all the while watching over his only family from afar. He wants his sister, Morgan, to enjoy all the best in life, free from the confines of the knowledge of what he does and the evil that threatens their world daily. When his sister’s life is unexpectedly jeopardized though, he will need to break every rule to help find answers of historically altering events that will change his world and cause him to question everything in the pursuit of truth. Alessa has always lived a sheltered life under the overly watchful eye of her parents; even after their untimely deaths, she follows their advice to the letter. Avoiding people, technology, and any social interactions, with the only exception being her best friend and editor, Morgan, she maintains the solace she was born into and knows best.  When secrets from her parent’s past start threatening her Morgan, she will embark on a journey toward answers with the most brusque, infuriating man she didn’t know she would never be able to live without.

©2016 Angela Naff (P)2019 Angela Naff

Category: Romance, Military
Length: 5 hrs and 46 mins
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Software Developer Life

2 ratings


We've made a dent into the 21st century, and software has been eating the world. Suspenseful tech dramas play out in the news, boot camps churn out entry-level developers in a matter of months, and there's even an HBO show dedicated to Silicon Valley.

In the midst of these trends lies a severe lack of attention to the daily life of the developer - the day-to-day reality that surrounds each line of code. There are plenty of resources available to help the budding developer learn how to code, but what about everything else?

Who should listen to this audiobook?

This audiobook is for anyone interested in getting a sneak peek inside the world of software!

The new graduates about to jump into their first jobs

The veterans who want a dose of nostalgia and a good chuckle

The product managers looking to empathize more with their coding counterparts

The disgruntled developers contemplating the meaning of life

The high school students thinking about jumping on the computer-science bandwagon

The budding programmers looking to become more effective and gain more leverage at work

What's inside the audiobook?

This audiobook is a highlight reel of content revolving around the software developer's life.

Inside, you will find 40 concise chapters covering five broad topics:




Daily life


Everyone has something unique to share. This audiobook gathers together various perspectives and unique stories to give a well-rounded view of modern software development.

This is not a technical audiobook. This is everything else. 

©2018 David Xiang (P)2018 David Xiang

Author: David Xiang
Length: 5 hrs and 49 mins
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Devil Take the Duke


He accepts her, but doesn’t love her...Donovan James Arthur Sinclair, 8th duke of Manchester, is cursed to roam the Earth as a wolf-shifter. He doesn’t mind the beast most days, for the life of a duke is quite splendid, but it is trying if he’s honest with him-self. When he saves a country miss from an out-of-control carriage in a rural village, it occurs to him that he might be wrong.   She loves him, but cannot accept what he truly is...Miss Alice Morrowe, is blind and firmly on the shelf, unloved and unwanted by nearly everyone she’s ever met. While she’s happy with her life, she wants acceptance for who she is. When she is thrown to the ground in a tangle of limbs by a very naked man amidst a thunder of hooves, she cannot help but wonder if her life is about to change.   A marriage of convenience that’s anything but...In her, Donovan sees a way to break his curse if he can seduce her into love. In him, Alice finds solace and the thrill of romance. She’s only too happy to wed him and grasp a life she’s always wanted, but is her love what he needs to banish the beast within? Emotions run high when things don’t turn out the way they’ve each planned. Only discovering truth and genuine love can bring clarity, hope...and happily ever after.

©2019 Sandra Sookoo (P)2019 Sandra Sookoo

Category: Romance, Paranormal
Length: 10 hrs and 44 mins
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Christmas Magic


When Nathaniel Crabtree travels through time to gather the forgotten details from revolutionary America, will Gwendolyn Astrid Romano be the mistake that brings his illustrious career to a devastating end?

©2020 Lavish Publishing, LLC (P)2020 Lavish Publishing, LLC

Length: 3 hrs and 26 mins
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The Apothecary's Assistant


When destiny calls, you can run or stand and fight for what you’ve always wanted. Either way, you’ll have no choice but to change. Mrs. Ava Southerly, apothecary assistant and widow, lives in fear. She’s become an expert at hiding to keep second-sight visions at bay. In the year 1885, such things as witches surely don’t exist anymore, regardless of her ancestry. If she doesn’t emotionally engage her heart, those otherworldly powers will stay dormant and the people she cares for won’t be hurt, but she longs for acceptance and romance.  Douglas Wallace, an American doctor and descendant of a Scottish witch hunter, is in London to deliver a series of lectures on new medical advancements and techniques. As he meets the passing glance of a blonde beauty in a restaurant window, he’s compelled to follow her, as if their lives are linked on a supernatural level. Though he believes in logic and the evidence of his own eyes, spending time in Ava’s company shows him how wrong his thinking is. When a 300-year-old evil spirit possesses Douglas in an effort to kill Ava due to her witch status, she and the doctor must find a way to thwart the threat from beyond the grave despite personal peril. As their relationship evolves into something deep and abiding, they’ll discover just how powerful a force love truly is.

©2018 Sandra Sookoo (P)2019 Sandra Sookoo

Category: Romance, Paranormal
Length: 5 hrs and 13 mins
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