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Map to the Unknown

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A riveting, darkly funny true story of illness and of learning to trust the Universe while living with pain and uncertainty  “In a collective moment of loss and uncertainty, here comes Isabella Huffington to show us how to survive and thrive anyway. This book will be a balm to all in need of a little fiery hope.” (Glennon Doyle, author of number one New York Times best seller Untamed and founder of Together Rising)  "Isabella Huffington’s Map to the Unknown captures her journey through illness with strength, vulnerability, and a great deal of good humor. Her wise-beyond-her-years memoir will inspire its readers to find joy amid all of life's challenges." (Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and founder of Lean In and Option B)  One day, on her way to a date, Isabella Huffington gets hit by a bike. What begins as a concussion with a diagnosed recovery time of seven-to-ten days becomes more than two years of debilitating pain with no apparent end and a string of unhelpful doctor and specialist visits.    In the wreckage, jobs are canceled. Leases are broken. There is no second date. What’s left is Isabella, her body, and her pain. Because the source of her pain cannot be located within the body, she is told over and over that her pain is psychosomatic. And Isabella believes it, over and over.    What follows is a surprisingly funny medical and spiritual journey, during which Isabella must learn to trust in all that she cannot see or quantify: her pain, God, and her inner voice. Everything fell apart and then something new emerged.    

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Narrator: Brina Palencia
Length: 5 hrs and 12 mins
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Your Time to Thrive


Live the life you want, not the life you settle for. Helping people build healthy new habits that improve their lives is more important than ever. Arianna Huffington launched Thrive Global to do just that - Thrive's specific mission is to end the epidemic of stress and burnout and help individuals and companies unlock their greatest potential. Science continues to show that we don't have to sacrifice our well-being in order to succeed; in fact, it turns out that well-being is critical to peak performance. Learning to thrive means: Moving from awareness to action - from knowing what to do to actually doing it    Embracing solutions that appeal to wisdom, wonder, intuition, reflection, and are steeped in science   Taking the time to rest and recover in order to fuel and maximize productivity, both personal and professional    Making the mindset shifts and habit changes that supercharge performance in ways that truly matter to us Eschewing trendy self-care fixes or the latest health fads, Your Time to Thrive is the revolutionary guide to living and working based on microsteps - tiny science-backed changes. By making them too-small-to-fail, we can incorporate them into our daily lives right away, and begin building healthier ways of living and working. This book is a microstep bible. With chapters dedicated to sleep, nutrition, movement, focus and prioritization, communication and relationships, unplugging and recharging, creativity and inspiration, and purpose/meaning, Your Time to Thrive shares practical, usable, research-supported mini-habits that will yield huge benefits and empower people to truly thrive in all parts of their lives.

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