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Imagination Creates Reality

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Your own wonderful human imagination is the actual creative power of God within you. It is your savior. If you were thirsty, water would be your savior. If you needed a job, employment would be your savior. Your imagination is the power to save you from whatever circumstances you now find yourself. You can experience your heart's desire through the use of your imagination. Nothing is impossible to your imagination. Your imagination is unlimited in what it can accomplish. If you can imagine something, you can achieve it.

©2015 Neville Goddard (P)2015 Majestic

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Eagle in the Sky

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The Syrian plane disintegrated, evaporating in a gush of silvery smoke, rent through with bright white lightning, and the ejecting pilot's body was blown clear of the fuselage. For an instant it was outlined ahead of David's screen, cruciform in shape with arms and legs thrown wide, the helmet still on the head, and the clothing ballooning in the rush of air. He chose this life. And it may cost him everything. From a young age it's clear that David Morgan is 'bird' - a natural pilot, most at home in the air. In the South African Air Force he receives plaudits beyond his years, and even his family begins to accept that David will do anything to stay away from the Morgan billion-dollar business and to keep flying instead. Following his dream and in pursuit of Debra, a beautiful young Israeli writer, David soon joins the Israeli Defence Force and finds himself caught up in the country's struggles. But when he pays a terrible price for his choices, will he be able to become the man he always hoped - or will he choose to disappear into the skies? An action-packed thriller from global best seller Wilbur Smith.

©1974 Wilbur Smith (P)2019 Audible, Ltd

Narrator: Byron Mondahl
Author: Wilbur Smith
Length: 13 hrs and 10 mins
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KP: The Autobiography


The fascinating life story of professional cricketer Kevin Pietersen, MBE, from his childhood in South Africa to his recent experiences as one of the leading lights in the world of international cricket.

©2014 Kevin Pietersen (P)2014 Hachette Audio UK

Narrator: Byron Mondahl
Length: 8 hrs and 54 mins
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If you were terrified by Open Water or The Shallows or suffered along with Aron Ralston through his ordeal in 127 Hours, you will find this true story of Brett Archibald’s ordeal, lost overboard in the Indian Ocean, absolutely extraordinary.  In April 2013 a global breaking news story surfaced on social media and in the world press and rapidly gathered momentum. A South African man had fallen overboard in the night during a storm in remote Indonesian waters, without anyone else on board realising. Eight hours later a frantic search was underway.  The incident caught the world's attention as people were instantly transported into the terror of the moment - imagine being left alone, 100 kilometres out to sea in the middle of a storm, watching your friends sail into the distance....  Had he been dealt a fraction more bad luck, Brett would have died immediately. According to experts, he should have died within 10 to 14 hours. But he chose not to die. Instead, for 28 and a half hours Brett Archibald endured the ocean, the elements, the creatures of the deep and his own inner demons.  Alone: Lost Overboard in the Indian Ocean is the incredible but true story of what it takes to defy needle-in-a-haystack odds and survive what should have been certain death. Outdoor savvy, astonishing imagination, mental toughness, a refusal to give up hope and a canny rescuer with an unbelievable background ultimately saw him through. Most of all this is a story of the power of the human spirit that defies rational explanation. 

©2016 Brett Archibald (P)2016 Hachette Audio UK

Narrator: Byron Mondahl
Length: 10 hrs and 25 mins
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Saving the Last Rhinos

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Each year, more than 1,000 rhinoceroses are killed - in South Africa alone. There are fewer than 18,000 white rhinos and only 5,000 black rhinos left alive in the wild. The situation with regard to this corrupt, illegal war on wildlife is clearly critical.

And what are rhinos killed for? Their horns - sold in shavings as a snake-oil 'cure' for colds or impotence. The going price is $16,000 a kilogram, but a rhino's horn is simply keratin, the same material as our fingernails, with no magical, medicinal properties.

Grant Fowlds is a passionate conservationist on the front line of protecting these iconic animals - right now, against armed poachers; but in the longer term, too, through his work with schoolchildren, communities and policymakers.     

He is fiercely focused on highlighting the alarming increase in rhino poaching, a scourge which has put these mighty animals at serious threat of extinction. He is a partner of Rhino Art, founded by philanthropic adventurer Kingsley Holgate. Rhino Art's 'Let the children's voices be heard' project aims to gather the largest number of children's 'Art Voices' ever recorded, in support of rhino protection, and to use these heartfelt messages from the children of Africa and elsewhere in the world as a rallying cry against rhino poaching.

Grant works closely with all the biggest local and global conservation agencies, including the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). He has hosted Prince Harry at his family's game lodge, Leeuwenbosch, and the prince is very supportive of Grant's work.

We are most grateful to photographer Gerhard van der Westhuizen for the use of his stunning photograph on the cover of the book.

©2019 Grant Fowlds, Graham Spence (P)2019 Hachette Audio UK

Narrator: Byron Mondahl
Length: 10 hrs and 57 mins
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