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Native Tongue

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Ex-reporter Joe Winder had been working in the public relations department of a sleazy family entertainment park, The Amazing Kingdom of Thrills, when he chanced upon a news-breaking story inspired by the disappearance of two blue-tongued voles and the bizarre death of Orky, the killer whale.

©1991 Carl Hiaasen (P)1992 Recorded Books

Length: 15 hrs and 51 mins
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C1 or not C1? Coursebook


I recorded this book so you can learn the format and technique to use for the listening, use of English, reading, and speaking papers, while simultaneously practising the techniques through exam exercises.  This book contains:  Dictation exercises teaching you techniques to use to pass the C1 Advanced: CAE exam.  Practise exercises to use the techniques we're learning  Step-by-step instructions on how to prepare yourself effectively for the CAE exam while saving time and money.  By the end of this book, you will be much more confident in passing the C1 Advanced Cambridge English exam. This is because you will:  Learn the overall and individual exam paper formats  Learn powerful techniques to pass each part of the exam  Practise using these techniques  See some example answers to typical exam questions  See how to tick the examiners' boxes  Extra Resources  I use the content of this book to train my students to pass the exam. They have a FANTASTIC success rate!

©2021 Cambridge Rory (P)2021 Cambridge Rory

Narrator: Cambridge Rory
Length: 6 hrs and 49 mins
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