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Devil's Brood

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AD 1172. Henry II’s three eldest sons conspire against him and align themselves with his greatest enemy, King Louis of France, but it’s Eleanor of Aquitaine’s involvement in the plot to overthrow her husband that proves to be the harshest betrayal. As a royal family collapses and a marriage ends in all but name, the clash between these two strong-willed and passionate souls will have far-reaching and devastating consequences throughout Christendom.  Devil’s Brood, a breathtaking and sweeping epic of a family at its breaking point, shows how two monumental figures once bound by all-consuming love became the bitterest of adversaries.

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Length: 35 hrs and 22 mins
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Carl Honoré captured the zeitgeist with his international best seller In Praise of Slow. Now, he tackles another rising global movement: our revolutionary new approach to a human inevitability - aging. A revolution in how we age is on its way. Yes, aging is inevitable: One year from now, we will all be a year older; that will never change. What can and will change is how we age - and how we can all take a much bolder approach to doing it with vigor and joy. The time has come to cast off prejudices and to blur the lines of what is possible and permissible at every stage of life. In other words: we need to learn to reimagine our approach to later life. Emboldening ourselves in older age demands big structural changes. For a start, we will have to tear up the old script that locks us into devoting the early part of our life to education, the middle chunk to working and raising kids, and whatever is left over at the end to leisure. In an age-inappropriate world, these silos will dissolve. We'll embrace the idea that we can carry on learning from start to finish; that we can work less and devote more time to family, leisure, and giving back to our communities in our middle years; and that we can remain active and engaged in our later years. Carl Honoré has traveled the globe speaking to influential figures who are bucking preconceived notions of age, whether at work or in their personal lives. He looks at the cultural, medical, and technological developments that are opening new possibilities for us all. Bolder is a radical rethinking of our approach to everything from education, health care, and work, to design, relationships, and politics. An essential and inspiring listen for everyone interested in our collective future.

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The Power of Slow


In a world where time is money, faster is better, and "if you snooze you lose", millions of people are doing the unthinkable: They're slowing down. What's more amazing, they're healthier, happier, and excelling at both work and play. You know the dilemma: When there already aren't enough hours in the day, how can slowing down be the solution? In The Power of Slow, best-selling author Carl Honoré shows you how to lead a richer, more rewarding life by joining the "slow revolution" that is sweeping across the globe. Honoré traced the myriad ways the slow revolution is taking hold across the United States and beyond, from corporate culture to medicine to city planning. Now he invites you to experience the power of slow firsthand as you "put on the brakes" in order to learn: The Velocity Audit - a three-step process for pinpointing the areas in your life where you may need to slow down, and getting past the deep-seated objections that often arise Finding "the right speed" for any job to make time your ally, not your enemy Invoking your Inner Tortoise - a powerful mind-body method for accessing an "oasis of calm" whenever you need it The slow philosophy is about giving each task the time and focus that it deserves so that you do it better and enjoy it more. Packed with guided exercises for staying productive while slowing down the way you eat, email, work out, and more, The Power of Slow gives you the confidence and tools finally to break free from the cult of speed.

©2009 Carl Honoré (P)2009 Carl Honoré

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In Praise of Slow

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In the tradition of such trailblazing books as No Logo and The Tipping Point, In Praise of Slow heralds a growing international movement of people dedicated to slowing down the pace of our contemporary times and enjoying a richer, fuller life as a result. These days, almost everyone complains about the hectic pace of their lives. We live in a world where speed rules and everyone is under pressure to go faster. But when speed is king, anyone or anything that gets in our way, that slows us down, becomes an enemy. Thanks to speed, we are living in the age of rage. Carl Honoré has discovered a movement that is quickly working its way into the mainstream. Groups of people are developing a recipe for living better in a fast-paced, modern environment by striving for a new balance between fast and slow. In an entertaining and hands-on investigation of this new movement, Honoré takes us from a Tantric sex workshop in a trendy neighborhood in London, England, to Bra, Italy, the home of the Slow Food, Slow Cities and Slow Sex movements. He examines how we can continue to live productive lives by embracing the tenets of the slow movement. A challenging take on the cult of speed as well as a corrective look at how we can approach our lives with new understanding, In Praise of Slow uncovers a movement whose time has come.

©2017 Carl Honoré (P)2017 Penguin Random House Canada

Narrator: Carl Honoré
Length: 7 hrs and 38 mins
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